Award-Winning Real Estate Coach Michael Ligon Shares His Expert Advice With Online Readers

Michael Ligon of the Ligon Brothers, Joins Forbes Business Council and’s Leadership Network

When you think of real estate investing a few key names come to mind. Major real estate moguls like Donald Trump, Jeff Greene, Sam Zell and Michael and David Ligon are amongst the best known for their vast knowledge in the field of real estate investing. This month Michael Ligon of the Ligon Brothers accepted an invitation from the prestigious Forbes Business Council as well as’s coveted Leadership Network to join their expert advisory panels. As an expert in real estate investing and business building, Michael will be providing his knowledge and insights to the millions of engaged readers of these major publications.

Michael is best described as an Inquisitive Polymath. His sophophilic personality has provided him with a vast insight in a plethora of subjects. His extensive appetite for knowledge has made him a recognized pundit in the world of Real Estate. He has received numerous accolades for his Mentorships and Wisdom pertaining to Investing, Real Estate Contract Law, Negotiations and various Real Estate Practices.
In addition to his Experience and Expertise in Real Estate Michael also commands a cohesive understanding of several other disciplines with academic achievements in; Geomatic and Geospatial Engineering, Land Development Principles, Land Surveying and Mapping, Clinical Psychology and Human Behavioral Studies and The Fundamentals of Human Biology w/emphasis on the Endocrine System. Michael is also a Holistic Nutritionist/ Herbalist and a Certified Wellness Consultant.

Michael and David Ligon are collectively known as the Ligon Brothers. The Ligon Brothers are award-winning real estate coaches, authors and real estate investors. They’re also the creators of LYNK Wholesaling, a unique specialized method for investing in real estate for newcomers who have no experience or capital. They also developed an online distance learning center appropriately named LigonU to teach aspiring investors how to invest in real estate. Their real estate school houses investment programs and video training modules for every level investor. For trainees that prefer to access information in the form of books, they are also published authors. Their book LYNK Wholesaling; The Real Estate Connector Method is a detailed step by step guide of their award-winning course. Their newest book Wolf Secrets is a guide to mastering any negotiation and closing any deal in any industry, it’s available now on Amazon. 

It’s a well known fact that real estate investing creates more millionaires than any other category of business. If you’re interested in learning how to pros make money in real estate, look no further than the expert investors Michael and David Ligon. Learn more about their courses and mentorship programs at