Avoiding Misunderstandings_ 3 Ways Communicate Effectively With Your VA

Every business has unique characteristics that influence its stride, but the backbone that keeps all ventures strong for the long run is the effectiveness of its communication channels. Communication is the core pillar that impacts every aspect of a company, so getting lost in translation can lead to productivity dips and the eventual collapse of your team.

The same concept applies to your communication channel with your virtual assistant, especially since you’ll mostly be discussing plans, strategies, and other important tasks through digital tools. Working virtually often has higher risks since there’s a screen in between, so delivering tasks accordingly can be a challenge if your virtual assistant doesn’t understand what you mean.

With that in mind, how can you make sure your communication with your VA remains clear and concise?

Tip #1: Always Be Clear and Straightforward

When talking to your VA, the best way to avoid any misunderstandings is to provide clear and concise instructions. Include all the relevant details necessary for the task and don’t beat around the bush. This includes maximizing your and your VA’s time, which involves clueing them in on your clearly-defined goals, setting realistic deadlines, and providing actionable tasks.

Tip #2: Provide Regular Feedback

When you need to provide feedback, it’s best to take on a constructive approach, but avoid sugar-coating your message since it will only leave room for confusion. But beyond making productive pointers for your VA, it’s also important to prompt the necessary improvements they need to make as early and regularly as possible.

Nothing feels more frustrating than giving your time and effort but having a client make drastic changes at the last minute. Don’t be that kind of boss who sends comments too late and try to stay on top of your VA’s progress so you can send comments along the way.

Tip #3: Use a Shared Platform to Reduce Inefficiencies in Your System

Sending notes and project updates using different communication channels is a recipe for disaster. Instead of switching back and forth with different mediums, it’s better to establish a shared space where your VA can access important information such as Dropbox, Google Docs, or even a communication software for a more efficient workflow.

The Bottom Line: Never Lose the Meaning of Your Message Again by Improving Your Communication Channels With Your VA

No matter your field, communication serves as the heart that keeps everything alive and thriving. Teamwork is only possible when you can effectively communicate your vision, especially when you’re delivering tasks to your VA.

With a digital screen keeping you from talking to your VA face-to-face, upping your communication game is critical to avoid confusion and fulfill your goals.

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