Averstance: A Platform for Expression of Thoughts

An honest conversation reflects your soul`s desires, likes, dislikes, and also the intentions. Stating your expression in a fluid manner is essential, even if it is not liked by others. If the dialogues mirror your self -confidence it is heard by others. It is crucial to what you think about the events and environment happening around you and equally important to express it. Open, honest communication paves the way to coherence and integrity both at the interpersonal level and in the organization. Leaders who know to talk assertively influence and build relationships within the team. Irrespective of the condition in which you are living, expressing your views is challenging but also rewarding. 

Trust is built on honest conversation

A platform where you can express and stand for the perspective you have is Averstance; Aver means to affirm, and Stance means to hold firm. When your talk holds factual data coupled with an understanding of the subject, the impact is powerful. Trust is built on honest conversation; when it is intentionally falsified, the reliance is broken, and chaos prevails. You may script the post many times before publishing. It remains ineffective if the cause is forgotten or of little significance. Every interaction must have a profound reason, or else it goes nowhere. If the purpose is strong, you will articulate it in the most commanding fashion. Before stating your points, understand what your trying to state to others, and remember the why that eliminates overstatements, self-conflicts, and delivering precise communication.


Empathy makes or breaks the line of communiqué. It is an attribute where you put on the shoe of the other person and try to comprehend the person`s situation. This compassion touches the heart of the receiver. The audience feels they are understood and listen to your lines more carefully and intensely. Communication embedded with empathy implies you give significance to how the other person will react when they read your posts. Lines inclusive of everyone`s feelings ensure your expression of thoughts is in a positive and lucid tone. 

Keenness to listen 

The efficacy of a conversation depends on your keenness to listen to others and gather relevant information about the topic. A full grasp of the subject before you respond makes a mark difference. A conversation cramped between me and is often irritating to others. It causes hindrance in the flow of conversation. It becomes more imperative in a one-to-one conversation, even in a live chat. This platform gives opportunity to everyone to air their opinions so a cohesive, caring ecosystem is created. Few pauses between conversations make it interesting; sometimes, non-verbal communication creates more impact than verbal one.

Speak for others

Expressing emotions reduce the entropy of the mind; sometimes, you do not know how to express it, but be assured there are others in the clan. Learning how to express your emotions in a dignified and mature way comes with many benefits. It improves the way you connect with yourself and others in a more amicable manner. It reduces stress and anxiety and promotes resilience; once you express your emotions, decision-making aptitude increases manifolds. It is equally important to speak for others and stand up for those who are unable to speak for themselves or for those who are hurt. This creates a more inclusive world.