Automation And Advanced Weighbridge Technology Can Be The Key To Your Success

Track down time, installation and calibration are but a few of the traditional barriers in the industrial weighing industry that detract from improving efficiency on the worksite. Whether you’re in rail or aviation, the need for advanced weighbridge technology is evident in this industrial sector as engineers, drivers and project managers alike are always looking to improve their net weighing accuracy in aid of improving safety and financial viability. Having access to precise weighing equipment engineered by industry leaders such as Trakblaze, isn’t only paramount to success but shines a positive light on automation’s key role in streamlining operations in the modern era.

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Weigh scales are used in mines all the way through to quarries; to help locomotives transport goods as well as help aircrafts accurately measure cargo weight remotely. Their ubiquitous functions in all matters relating to weighing make them a true asset to any larger scale project but a tried and tested manufacturer will ensure you enjoy the aforementioned benefits without hiccup. Trakblaze is a leading-edge manufacturer of weighing scales that comprise the most helpful components of automation to improve your operations. 

For instance, their TRAKMATE™ is specifically designed for the static weighing and balancing of any type of rail vehicle, car, wagon, train or locomotive and provides a real-time read out of all net weights of bulk loads in a digital read-out printer within seconds. Not only is it portable and easy to use but it’s extremely accurate and negates the need for excessive labour to ascertain the information.  It’s important to note that weighbridges have been traditionally associated with the larger scale projects that can afford sprawling concrete structures, yard space or land to accommodate its function. Space and accessibility are at the heart of Trakblaze’s innovation allowing for a slimline and portable design that has benefited countless projects locally and abroad. 

The Mobile Train Weigher (MTW) is another example of Trakblaze’s emphasis on automation and innovation that allow them to be industry leaders. Take its factory calibration for example which means no test weighing is required upon setting it up on the job. This can lead to inordinate amounts of track-down time being saved as well as improved accuracy of weighing. It also fits in the boot of any car and is fitted directly to the load-cell and not through the actual rail.

This allows for flexibility and speed as dismantling a piece of the track isn’t necessary to begin accurate weighing procedures. Much like the digital readout of the TRAKMATE, the results are gathered in seconds allowing you to continue the momentum of your next job without bother. 

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Reducing civil works and reliance on immobile power sources whilst increasing efficiency and accuracy may have been a lofty ambition not too long ago. This is why Trakblaze not only boasts over 90 years of cutting-edge experience but enjoys the reputation as an international brand geared towards innovation and improving operations across the aviation, rail and locomotive industries.