Automated Sortation System Market Expanding At A High CAGR Of 7.4% (2022-2030)

The market for automated sortation systems is expected to be worth $8.09 billion in 2022, with sales increasing 5.9% year on year. The global automated sortation system market is expected to be worth US$ 14.35 billion by 2030, expanding at a 7.4% CAGR (2022-2030).

Automated sortation systems accounted for 65% share of the global sortation system market in 2020. Increasing sales of automated sortation systems through e-Commerce and to the logistics industry are projected to benefit market players going forward.

With newer sortation systems having sortation rates close to 100%, operators in the automated sortation system market are increasing their own reliability index through timely deliveries, giving them a competitive advantage in the overall market. Improvements in throughput allow stakeholders to plan ahead of time for capacity forecasts.

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Key Takeaways of Automated Sortation System Market

  • Modern drive systems in automated sortation systems to reduce CO2 emissions by 80%
  • Accuracy of automated sortation system set to boost perfect order percentage by 3%-4%
  • Medium throughput sorters will be most lucrative and are slated to capture 46% of the market share through 2030
  • 33% is the overall revenue share of the top 3 countries in the automated sortation system market
  • Linear automated sorters will witness the most prolific growth through 2030

The COVID-19 Impact on Automated Sortation System Market

The prevailing pandemic has severely obstructed growth within the automotive and air cargo segments which have been majorly hit. However pharmaceutical and food and beverages are seen to benefit. With food and beverage production and supply being deemed as essential services and pharmaceutical sector seeing a burst of innovation the market will see new drug formulations rolling out.

As the social distancing protocols have caused a paradigm shift towards online based shopping and goods procurement, this is turn have boosted the growth opportunities for e-commerce industry. With 60% of countries in partial lockdown, e-commerce is gaining significant traction thus helping businesses using automated sortation systems to scale up. On an optimistic note Future Market Insights anticipates the market to recover over the next 4-6 quarters. Despite the economic slowdown, the market has openly embraced automation without the need for human labor. This move has also led to better optimization of resources and various capital investments to minimize production overheads.

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Automated Sortation System Market – Competitive Intelligence

Goods to person is one of the most upcoming and advanced automated solution driving order fulfillment. Today it has carved a niche for itself due to its importance in the supply chain. The leading stakeholders in the market easily occupy a wholesome 34% of the overall market share. Faster delivery times, lower cost positions and increased weight capacities are some of the main strategies of the leading players.

E-commerce giants such as Amazon, Walmart as well as CEP (Courier, Express and Parcel) companies are showing increased inclination towards sortation systems. These companies are exclusively partnering with sortation system manufacturers for optimized sorting solutions at their warehouses. In land constrained, emerging markets, many players are focusing on integration of industrial and residential land uses. Vertical and flexible warehousing solutions is another trend players are capitalizing on.