Automated External Defibrillator( AED)

 Instant feedback

Every unforeseen Cardiac Arrest victim needs the stylish possible CPR to survive. Only the AED with its Real CPR Help ® technology can give real- time CPR feedback on the depth and rate of casket condensing while the deliverer is performing CPR. So it incontinently tells how well the condensing is performed. With audiovisual prompts that give instant feedback, the AED Plus ensures saviors deliver the most effective CPR.

Features and benefits

  • Supports the entire survival chain with easy- to- understand audio instructions and visual cues.
  • Real CPR Help ® with instant feedback on the rate and depth of casket condensing during CPR.
  • Operates on standard lithium batteries for commercially available cameras( Duracell 123a) and lasts 5 times.
  • Easy- to- place one- piece electrode – CPR- D- padz ®( shelf life of 5 times).
  • 5 time bond – extended to 7 times with online enrollment .
  • Robust design that’s resistant to dust and water( IP55 class).
  • Intelligent options for treating children with Pedi- padz ® II electrodes.
  • Complies with European Resuscitation Council( ECR), NRR and BRC guidelines.
  •  Automatic tone- test ensures that the device is constantly ready for use.
  • Supplied with a carrying case, batteries, adult CPR- D padz electrode, medical tackle containing a respirator mask, scissors, disposable gloves, medical razor, kerchief and bedewed towel.
  • Semi-automatic and completely automatic options with an interface for either inexperienced or professional saviors .

Every week, 300 Dutch people are affected by an unforeseen cardiac arrest outside the sanitarium. lower than 10 survive. It can be to you too! A hand or a client or a foreigner can suddenly fall down with a cardiac arrest. Do you know the fastest way to help this victim? An Automated External Defibrillator( AED) is a movable device that can restore the heart meter in the event of a cardiac arrest. This is done by giving an electric shock. The Heart Foundation wants an AED to be available far and wide in the Netherlands within 6 twinkles in the event of a cardiac arrest, every nanosecond is pivotal!

An AED is only useful if it has been duly maintained. High costs and ignorance mean that numerous AED biases are inadequately maintained. Entrepreneurs hang the life- saving shock device in their company, but also hardly look after it.

A safe-deposit box Feeling BV takes care of the installation and periodic conservation of the AED device.

Still, the pads will be replaced free of charge, If the AED is suddenly used in the meantime.

The AED device provides clear explanations about CPR procedures at the drive of a button and is thus also ideal for people without experience with CPR.

Anyone can operate the device!

This forestallment service is part of the Prevention subscription.


  1. You have an AED device for a fixed, reduced rate per month.
  2. You don’t need to make any major investments yourself.
  3. Annual conservation and relief of pads.
  4. Anyone can operate the device.
  5. You therefore insure a safe terrain for your guests, your workers and yourself.