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Video review for Front End only AUTOBLOG GTP

AUTOBLOG GTP  – Text From This Video

Hello, and welcome to my YouTube channel and Let’s Finance Your Freedom! A lot of you have been curious about how to make children’s books from Jackie BT and Mid Journeys or any of those, um, AI-generated arts. So today I thought I’d make a video to show you how you can make some of this children’s story. So, let’s jump over to BT. Here is where you’ll lock in, check it out, or, um, try out Jack TBT. So, go to OpenAI at GT and click here. It will ask you to log in, which is where I started asking questions.

It says to come up with 10 good virtues for children’s stories, and that’s right. There are all these cool stories about honesty, courage, creativity, gratitude, and all this other weird stuff. I asked it to tell me a story about creativity and learning, and it told me this one about a weird magical garden. All these stories for you, all in one promise, and ask it, you know, to tell me a plot for a children’s story that focuses on kindness, which is like the first virtue on this list right here. Many of the good qualities are listed here, and then, “Uh, this story about kindness and freedom has come out.

So it’s talking about a small village where people were busy. You know what they do on a daily basis. They forgot to be friendly. Another, and then there’s this girl who comes in and says she found a small tree with no leaves, and she apologizes to the trees. I can only write all of these stories for you here, as well as another one about sticking with something. Once you have all of these stories and plot lines in order, you’ll go to either their mid-journey cafe or their night cafe.


They have some really cool, um, creations here as well, like foreign, really beautiful art that looks a lot like, uh, “mid-trip, just different styles and things like that. If you want to watch some of my older videos, I talked a lot about free or free files, different options for you to try, like Alternatives, and I have to say that mid-Jenny has some really beautiful art here. But if you want to try something different, like an alternative to some of these “wow, so crazy, so beautiful” features, you can try the nearby Night Cafe. I just want to show you some of the things it has made, yeah.

Here are some of my photos. It’s pretty crazy, and you can even enter daily challenges, so yeah.

Today’s challenge ends at 4 p.m. or something like that, and if you log on here, you get five free credits. So every time you log on, you get five free credits to try it out and look at these. Wow, look at this!

Yes, this person won the results from yesterday, and yes, one person liked it.

I put up this picture of my Japanese garden, and I guess because of the prices and because it says “challenges,” it’s maple. Trees say that as long as your creations are recognizable as true, you’re doing great. Okay, but this one, oh yeah, wow, look at that very nice tree, okay, this tree, just one tree, okay, so yeah, some people like their tree. One person likes my tree. Oh no, another tree! Wow, Temple of Trees is really nice; oh wow, look at all that space to grow! Wow, that’s very nice.


Do you see how, wow, yeah, it’s pretty fun to go on this website and enter art and competition challenges?

So, if you’re into that kind of thing, don’t forget to go to Night Cafe and make some art there. Okay, I’m going to Art, how clever! That’s where I made some of the pictures here. As you can see, this is some of the imagery I made, and I put some of the prompts here. For example, I go to a playground and put in a kind of description of how I want it to be, and it comes out with This is a picture of the village, so what you can do is go to Canva and make a template.

What was its location, and then,

Go to the Creative Design book cover booklet; all of that is there. They have all of this design. You can line up the booklet or the in you know, copy the text from jgbt here for each story, and then upload the pictures through here. So it has a button to upload. You can upload an image and then post it here, and your stories will show up.

Okay, so that just shows how advanced you are with Jetp and how you can lock on at this time of recording.

I think it happened in November 2020 or 2022, so it’s only been two or three months, but a lot of people—not a lot of people—know some people who know some people who know some people who still don’t know that, and that’s why you’re watching the channels.

Here, you can learn about some crazy, free platforms as well as some free tools, some of which are platforms.

They are very generous to let you try it out.

Do you remember mid-journey?


You to try out some of their platforms, but keep in mind that you can’t sell them.

You have to join their subscription plan. As far as I can tell from here, the basic plan is This is eight dollars every month. If you pay them once a year, that’s fine. If not, you can pay them based on how many extra hours you buy. See if it’s based on these here.

You can look at their subscription plans and see how they fit into your business. I think it’s really cool that you can make all of these different works of art on this site. Check out my other videos on this page to see where you can try out some of the alternatives for free, and don’t forget to look at some of the AI-written SEO tools here. That helps you kind of, uh, go to the next level with all these publications and new things you’re making. Now, I’d like to make another video about what you can do to help you, uh, what you can do with the images you made from mid-journey and what you can do with the stories you come up with from chat to BT now, first thing from mid-journey, or any of those AI-generated images you can make.

The first are children’s books or coloring books. You can also design logos or images for t-shirts that can be printed on-demand.

So what happened to me?

Please let me return.

Show you some pictures, yeah, look how pretty these pictures are, and yeah.

I was saying, “Yeah, you can make your art, your old art gallery, you know.”


So, if you want to make your own website where people can buy images, you can make these images there.

Have people come in and bought some of your art or wall art? Okay, from here you can start selling them on Etsy, and yes, you can look at some wall art on Etsy here. So, let’s see, people make some of these incredible works of art here. You’ll know,

You can check it out to see if it works for you, but it has so many options for you. So, first of all, um, children’s books, coloring books, um, make logos for different brands, make t-shirts, um, print on demand images for your t-shirts, mugs, and pillow cases. You know all the things you can make. What else can you make? Art, an art gallery, or similar things can help you build your brand, as can web design. Also, don’t forget to check out subwave, a place where you can make or design websites for other people and listen to music, so I’ll. The plan is here, so check out these features of freelancing for U.S. agencies here.

You can start, try it out, and get a free trial. Then you can go in and design websites for other people with all these beautiful images. Okay, so you made an AI from there. So with the agency account, it costs $25 per month. You can try out all of the free benefits here. Definitely, I really like the free forever plan here.


Okay, you can export the code and work with a team to build your client’s automation. All of these traffic reports are for your clients to use on public and private website templates. Here, you can check out some of their templates for free and look at all these beautiful, um, templates. They have e-commerce, portfolio landing pages, and everything else, so the possibilities are really endless when it comes to these beautiful images. You can do a lot with these two new platforms that are coming out, like make stories and help you come up with ideas. Prepare books with medium to high content for Amazon publishing, and don’t forget that Amazon publishing KDP is very popular if you want to try it out. Let me know, uh.

If you want more videos about this topic, I’d be happy to make them for you, but I think you’ll miss them.

You know that you can make Canva templates for other people based on the images and logos you made to help them grow their brand and make their lives easier with some of the things you can make using Canva design, templates, and images.

Here as well, and don’t forget that Canva has both an art department and a video editor.

They also make art here, so I’ll see what we can do with the next couple of videos.

If that is what you’re interested in,

Let me know in the comments, and until then, I’d love to hear what you think about the um, the nude, the new um platform, the new option on mid-journey, and the Jet GT by open AI. Here: All right, I’ll see you in the next video.

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