Autism test, diagnosis, and treatment in Brisbane Center for Psychology

Autism test, diagnosis, and treatment in Brisbane Center for Psychology

If you think your child may have signs of autism, you may be wondering where to go for testing and diagnosis, as well as treatment and other forms of help. Since children with autism have a problem communicating with and communicating with others, early diagnosis is crucial for families to have access to useful resources and treatments. At The Psychology Hub, we offer a Brisbane autism test as well as behavior therapy and other interventions.

Characteristics of children with autism

When infants are, children with autism do not look at others. Young children often do not respond to their names or smile at other people. The voice of a toddler may not sound the same as that of other children, but instead remains on the same pitch; it may not imitate others’ behaviors such as waving or clapping. As children grow, they may begin to repeat a specific behavior over and over, such as turning off and turning off lights, or they may become attached to a specific object. They may be unusually sensitive to sounds or textures.

Families looking for a diagnosis of autism in Brisbane can usually get it when the child is about two years old. By this time, the child will display many common signs of autism, such as:

  • Avoid eye contact with others
  • Lack of passion or sympathy
  • Lack of interest in peers
  • Not responding to his name
  • Language development delayed
  • Not to engage in pretend play
  • Repeated body movements such as palpitations of the hands or arching of the back
  • A strong focus on a specific object or game
  • Severe sensitivity to some sounds or textures

The Psychology Center offers autism therapy in Brisbane

At The Psychology Hub, we understand the importance of diagnosing an autistic child as quickly as possible. The sooner your child gets the help he needs, the more effective autism treatments can be in facilitating positive outcomes. We provide evaluation and diagnosis for autism using evidence-based psychometrics such as ASRS, ADOS, AQ, CARS, and other measures as well as treatment services such as behavior therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and applied behavior analysis.

Besides diagnosing autism spectrum and autism disorders, we can also work with individuals of all ages who deal with anxiety, depression, hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit, learning difficulties, social anxiety, panic attacks, sleep problems, lack of self-esteem and much more. We also offer medical care discounts and Workcover providers. We are located in the Northern Lakes and also provide mobile phone service as needed for those in the northern Brisbane area. We provide our quality services at less than the recommended rate for APS so that more people can get the help they need.

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