Australian Bush Fire Has Had a Change of Luck

A man whose uninsured house was destroyed in an Australian bush fire has had a change of luck – winning $1 million in the Lotto.

  • A guy gained $1 million Lotto tells the money will be utilized to reconstruct his burnt home in New South Wales
  • Bush fires had just destroyed his family home, and it wasn’t insured
  • He was the only one winner and numbers were his wife’s ‘lucky numbers’

The happy winner said he didn’t think they would be able to rebuild their house as it was not insured and was destroyed in bush fire in December 2019.

A bush fire destroyed the man’s family home, and he thought now they wouldn’t be able to rebuild this house as it wasn’t insured.


But, his family can now rebuild it following his surprise $1 million win from Wednesday’s lucky draw. The man was unaware of his win and was at work at that time, when he received the call notifying him of his win. The fellow, who was the only one winner, was in unbelief when he got out that big news.


He said he couldn’t wait to go back home and give his wife a big kiss and a hug. It’s also because of the lucky numbers which won the lottery were special numbers of his wife. He became too emotional after finding out that he won $1 million. Furthermore, he said he believed his surprise winning meant the beginning of greater things to come in his life. He added this has happened at the most incredible time of his life. He added, now they surely can rebuild the house and gave thanks to his wife for her lucky choice numbers.


The eastern part of Australia is considered one of the most fire-prone areas of the world. Bush fires in Australia have killed nearly 800 people since 1851, and also more than billions of animals. So far, the devastating bush fire has taken the lives of approximately 26 human beings and destroyed almost 2000+ houses.


The total loss because of the fire is not clear yet, but the Insurance Council of Australia declared the claims worth $700 million had already been registered, and the number was expected to rise significantly.


The government of Australia has assigned a first $2-billion for a national recovery fund to support the villages affected by bush fire.