Attending Art Exhibitions: 4 Amazing Benefits Of Looking At Art

The benefits of art are manifold. People often choose to buy art because when hung on a wall, it is able to instantly transform the look and ambience of the space. But what about your mood? There have been numerous studies that have shown that even looking at art can be beneficial for your mental health. In a study by the University of Westminster, participants reported a decrease in their stress levels after they visited an art gallery during their lunch break. Today, you can have easy access to galleries and exhibitions that showcase works of art by painters, photographers and mixed media painting artists, among others. Here are a few ways in which viewing them can have a positive impact on your mood and mental health:

1. Art helps relieve stress
Workload, personal responsibilities, finances, relationships: these are only a few of the reasons why we are so constantly stressed. And chances are, the unprecedented pandemic situation that we are living through is making you more stressed than usual. A proven solution is to take a breather and head out to an art exhibition to feast your eyes on works by local, international or famous artists. It will bring your stress down and allow you to experience a sense of relief and tranquility.

2. Art provides an escape
Have you ever looked at a photograph of an exotic locale and felt like you were transported to that place? Yes, art can do that to you. It can help you escape from the humdrum of your present life, and, even if its for a few moments, feel as if you are in another world or in another time period.

3. Art makes you think
In a study by the University of Arkansas, ten thousand students were evaluated on their observation, interpretation and problem solving skills, among other factors. It was found that spending time at a museum had a deep impact on their thinking patterns. It changed the way they thought and felt. They were able to think more critically. It also made them more historically empathetic.

4. Looking at art makes your brain work
When you look at any piece of artwork, your brain immediately starts looking for patterns and familiar shapes. It tries to find meaning in what it sees, which is what leads us to getting immersed in the art. So, when you have a photograph or even a mixed media painting in front of you, your brain works extra hard to translate it into something that you can understand and appreciate.

So, the next time you hear of a fantasy art exhibition in Chicago, don’t allow yourself to be on the fence about attending it. Go, and let the art do its magic.