Attaining The Greatest Online Visibility For Your Content

Considerable Strategic Factors

The internet is becoming a more integral part of our daily lives. How does your day regularly start? Are you like many who yawn, stretch, and grab their phone from the nightstand where it’s been plugged in all night? Are you OCD enough to actually check your mobile device if you hear it beeping/ringing/buzzing in the wee hours?

If this describes you, you’re not alone. Mobile devices are so integral to daily life that they follow people virtually everywhere they go; from the most public of situations to those of a distinctly intimate kind. People are always checking social media profiles, and at the same time, they’re being funneled off into “rabbit trails” by various videos.

You’ve experienced this yourself as well. You start reading something on Facebook, get sucked into a “click hole” of some variety, and before you know it, you’re checking your email for a receipt on some supplement you’ve ended up buying on a whim. Social media surfing is the new iteration of purchases made from infomercials by insomniacs in the nineties.


Well, this is one way the internet has become a prime motivator in terms of selling. But this is, perhaps, the most obvious expression of that convenience and utility which silhouettes online marketing. It goes much, much deeper. It turns out there’s a specific and growing science around human interaction with the web, and if you tap into this science, you can see your business expand.

Facebook And Consequences

Facebook is a great example. It recently developed that those who designed Facebook specifically engineered the platform around finding ways in which user time could be cohesively monopolized. The idea was to get those with FB accounts using the social media platform as much as possible. It goes without saying that these efforts were successful. Ethical or not, some statistical revelations about human behavior came about as a result.

We are in a new world that may not be brave, but it can be put to good use. The key to successful online marketing requires a two-pronged approach that organically and cohesively sucks users in while at the same time exploiting search engine algorithms. These algorithms are necessary because there’s too much data on the web for individual managing personnel to properly maintain it.

As a result, “bots” and “algorithms” are used to automatically manage content based on preset protocols. For example, consider the keyword. Keywords are sort of like a piece of content’s defining characteristic. Users go into a search engine’s text bar, type in what they’re looking for, and then usually click on one of the top five or ten results.

Statistically, it’s unlikely that they’ll go to the second SERP, or Search Engine Results Page. The right keywords, and proper saturation of content containing those keywords, will bring up the sought information at the top of the first SERP, making it more likely for potential clients to click on it and adopt the services of what organization placed the content.

Results Ripened By Time

What has been found through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of online user data is that enough saturation with enough time delivers high quotients of sustainable ROI, and has the potential to push a business exercising such techniques correctly over an event horizon of profitability which catapults them into the status of “institution”.

Facebook supplanted MySpace and is now dominating social media, but Instagram is quickly catching up. Between 2008 and 2010, Netflix effectively surpassed Blockbuster, and now that chain is essentially defunct. What these “changes of the guard”, competitively speaking, indicate is that the winds can quickly shift online as public support and convenience expand.

Additionally considerable is the rapid-fire pace at which modern technology is developing. Moore’s Law is a mathematical relationship that, depending on who you ask, stipulates a doubling of the potential behind computational technology every one to two years. Over the last half-century, this law has held up.

So something else to consider as you look at online marketing trends is that the things contemporarily en vogue today will be supplanted in the future. If you don’t understand today’s trends, you’ll have little to no chance of understanding tomorrow’s. Accordingly, it’s very wise to get involved with content marketing techniques that have been statistically vetted and encourage the growth they do.

Employing SEO Techniques

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. One of the best ways to successfully optimize your business’s online presence is through keywords, sentence structure, visuals, and the proper anchor text.

It’s very important to implement an optimized anchor profile for greatest search engine visibility; anchor text helps Google determine what your page is about and how relevant this is to your selected keyword.” This is the “technical” aspect of using modern technology to your advantage: you’re learning how to make the algorithms work for you.

That said, it’s important not to be contrived in these efforts. Your online content, regularly designed and distributed, can cumulatively expand your business’s visibility and profitability overtime on an increasing curve that has the potential for exponential growth. However, if you try to go about it “too fast”, Google algorithms are going to relegate you to SERPs that are unlikely to be perused by potential prospects.

Keyword stuffing is a fad that developed soon after SEO became a viable marketing option. Additionally, “spun” or digitally “contrived” articles began to circulate around the web, annoying the wits out of many users. They would go to search something actionable and find a bunch of “spammy” websites full of bot-spun articles so stuffed with keywords they were unreadable. Google had to do something.

The result was strict quality protocols designating that which would or wouldn’t be listed immediately after a search was conducted through their engine. Provided your online marketing endeavors are aligned with such protocols, you’re likely to see an increase in traffic to your site—but you’ve got to be regular about it.

A New Kind Of “Publicist”

It’s generally important to have a publicist for whatever advertisement campaign you’re funding, but with the right online search engine optimization strategy, you can in some ways sidestep this marketing need. Not entirely, of course; but there is all-encompassing effectiveness to the right kind of online optimization strategy. Today, a new kind of “publicist” is beginning to replace the old role.

Instead of a publicist—or in addition to one, depending on the scope of your marketing resources—many businesses are going to content-creation agencies which can continuously design and disseminate properly-engineered content. It has been discovered that the right saturation for this content is about 1.6 500+ word articles a day, or 50 a month. One company, using this exact technique, increased traffic to their site tenfold (1,000%).

At 25,000+ words a month, this is to be expected! In a year’s time, you’ve put together about as much text as the first two novels in the Lord of the Rings trilogy! Provided you’ve constructed these articles with the kind of attention to detail, care, and optimization you should have, you’ve essentially created an online encyclopedia about your business.

That much data existing without spin or manipulation is going to make an impact. Additionally, as that impact yields increased traffic, you’ll see increased profit. Ideally, you should expect to see your business make enough to cover the costs of your marketing endeavor and then some. The right content marketing solutions should pay for themselves many times over.

Funding Considerations

But this may not be the case initially. Initially, you may have to cut costs in one area so that you can spend more on outbound marketing techniques through the internet and proper utilization of SEO. Sometimes you can attain funding through solutions like those available through crowdsourcing agencies. These aren’t the kind of solutions you can “bank on”, but they can be dependable—especially if the products and services of your business lend themselves to popular culture in one way or another.

When you get down to it, the key to making your products or services sell is to make them a commodity your target market desires. This means structuring content around that which is most likely to draw in that market. You want to know what kind of searches they’re conducting, the keywords they use, and how they decide to buy. Then you want to meet those needs. So having a very concise yet effective way to sell your digital products is extremely important, and you should find a way to make it easier and less of a technical headache.

Finding The Solution Most Appropriate To Your Business

There is a great wealth of data out there today pertaining to online marketing solutions. What has been found is that content which is usually greater than 500 words, includes some visual element (video or pictorial), has paragraphs properly spaced, and is written for an average intelligence level is most likely to succeed. Provided said content is disseminated on a regular basis, there is high potential for increased website traffic.

Additional means of buffing up your online visibility include utilizing social media in an organic but marketable way and partnering with other online agencies to sort of “energize” one another. You allow their blog posts on your website, and they allow yours on theirs. This is called “guest blogging”, and it’s another means of swiftly disseminating information that brings increased traffic over time.

The truth is, there are many avenues of approach you can take digitally for the greatest success today. Rather than reinvent the wheel, it makes a lot of sense to work with agencies who know the data and are practiced at implementing it for a diversity of customers. As technology exponentially advances, new online marketing techniques will become necessary.

If you’re involved with the right organization when such needs arise, you’re more likely to see the positive results you’ve come to expect. Additionally, you may get a jump on the competition by getting ahead of a new marketing trend before they do. The bottom line is, if you haven’t looked into online means of marketing that utilize SEO and other factors to reliably expand traffic, you’re likely leaving money on the table.