Atlastocks Review: A Brokerage Changing the Way Your Perform Online Trades

Ever since the advent of online trading, the industry has experienced significant amount of expansion. Over time, the industry has increased in terms of trading assets, facilities, tools, and services. However, not many online trading brokerages are able to keep up with the trends and the developments being introduced in the sector. This is when Atlastocks comes into the picture offering you a solution that you could dream of when joining the online trading industry. Let me walk you through some of the major benefits/advantages the brokerage offers in my Atlastocks review for a better understanding.

The Brokerage is KYC and AML Regulated

Nowadays, you would hardly find any brokerage that is regulated and adheres to the KYC and AML Policies. Most of the new brokerages do not adhere to them because they want to attract more investors who wish to keep their identities anonymous. This way, such brokerages end up providing a safe-haven to bad actors, criminals, corrupt politicians, and even terrorist syndicates. Atlastocks’ adherence to the KYC and AML policies mean that it would never compromise on the safety and protection of investors as they trade through the brokerage.

The Brokerage Offers Three Different Trading Account Types

Another benefit of trading through Atlastocks is that it offers investors with the opportunity to choose from three different trading accounts. The first account is the best for investors new to the online trading markets, the second is mediocre level, and the last one is for experts. Based on the account type the investors choose, they gain access to different leverages, pips, welcoming bonuses, negative balance protection, market reports, and much more. As the investors advance through the trading accounts, the benefits and services continue gaining on higher standards.

The Brokerage Offers All Major Trading Instruments

Whether the trader/investors is new or seasoned, Atlastocks always provide them with all trading assets and sub-assets. At present, there are five major trading assets and the brokerage offers all of them. These accounts include digital currencies, foreign brokerage currencies, shares, indexes, and commodities. Each trading instrument comes up with sub-instruments that make up for thousands of other assets. It is completely up to the will of the investors to choose the trading asset of their choice and then let the teams at Atlastocks dedicated for each instrument do their magic.

The Brokerage Offers Exclusive Trading Platform

Atlastocks even distinguishes itself among other brokerages by offering a trading platform that has been developed and introduced by the brokerage itself. It is not dependent on third party trading platforms and has its own exclusive trading platform. The trading platform offered by Atlastocks is top-notch, user-friendly, and comes up the latest tools and services. Some of the major services it offers include single-click executions, fast transactions, advanced charting/reporting system, multi-lingual support, trading instructions, and so much more. Altastocks’ trading platform is available through web, windows, mac, linux, and smartphones. 

The Brokerage Offers Numerous Deposit and Withdrawal Options

When it comes to offering deposit and withdrawal facility to the users, they have the freedom of making deposits via Bank Wire, Maestro, OK Pay, Visa, and MasterCard. The minimum deposit requirement at Atlastocks is $250 and the maximum limit is based on the investors’ affordability. 

As for withdrawals, the investors can go with the same options used for deposits when requesting withdrawals from Atlastocks. If the withdrawal request is via bank wire, then the minimum requirement is $250 and for rest of the methods, it is $100. Once the request has been submitted, it takes 3-5 working days for Atlastocks to send the money to investors’ account. 

The Brokerage Offers Extra Support as Well

When it comes to offering extra support, Atlastocks does it with the help of tools such as live data table, financial events, and daily news. These components hold very high importance in the online trading industry as they provide products updates, insights, and other useful information related to trades. The investors can use them to their benefit when performing trades in the online trading markets.

The Brokerage Offers 24/5 Customer Support

Atlastocks offers investors with one of the most professional, reliable, experienced, and friendly customer support. The support at Atlastocks is available 24/5 and can be reached out via email and chat support. They are highly experienced and trained in the basics of online trades to solve the queries of the investors in a timely and effective manner. 

So what is Your Take from This?

When mentioned in words, the online trading industry sounds very easy and convenient for investments. However, the online trading industry is full of risks and tends to test the patience of the investors at the highest level. Therefore, if you think you do not have the patience and determination to suffer a single loss, then you must not go for this field.