Atlas Ventures Gets Employees to Employers via Workmate

Workmate, which is headquartered in Singapore, received its first round of funding from Atlas Ventures and just last month received another investment loan of $10 million from Lendable. Philipp Kindt and Evgeny Astakhov of Atlas Ventures, saw that due to the Covid-19 pandemic employers were having issues finding reliable employees to staff much needed positions. Workmate found that niche and offers an end-to-end online staffing platform available for a wide range of employers. Kindt and Astakhov saw this opportunity and decided to provide the seed A funds to Workmate. Once off the ground other VCs felt comfortable to help fund the company, the platform Lendable is the most recent investment entity to invest.

The startup has raised over US$20 million after Atlas Ventures initial funding round. As of now a slew of investors, including Gobi Partners, and Beacon VC, the corporate venture capital arm of Kasikornbank have invested in it.

Workmate began and was funded in in 2015, it aims to help companies find blue collar workers that are reliable, committed, and competent. What is unique about Workmate is that all workers are pre-screened by the company before being made available for hire on the platform, this ensures quality and safe employees for a wide range of companies that are short staffed.

Workmate’s platform is easy to integrate and has a host of useful automation tools that show real live time performance of a work force. Employers will be able to analyze and optimize the workers and tasks to get optimal results.

As new tasks and orders are changed from day to day, not every business has the necessary number of workers for a project. Often once a company has acquired new employees they keep them on the pay, even if they are not needed, just in case work will come up or they are fired and until the next project but most times they will not come back. All employers understand that finding the right amount, at the right time, of competent employees is tough. It is time consuming and demands workers to be employed even if they are only needed for a specific project. Workmate solves these issues.

Employers can use the platform to hire the number of needed workers. They are then matched with the employers according to the skill set required. There is even an option for geo-location, that allows potential employees that live nearby to be hired. Workmate screens each potential employee to make sure they have the desired skills in the area where they are needed. Workers with required skills are generally matched to easy to access sites so they arrive fresh to work. 

Workmate attracts potential employees because it ensures that the employees receive protection from wage fraud. They are also provided social security, insurance incentives, and access to financial support. Thus, guaranteeing your workers are focused on the task at hand and not tomorrow’s problems. 

In a press release Mathew Ward a cofounder of Workmate said “The traditional staffing model is very manual and has very little technology adoption, it hasn’t changed much in 40 years. It’s a big market that is ripe for disruption.” 

Ward later stated that “This model is gaining traction internationally – even Uber has just announced it launched a staffing solution called Uber Works in the US,”. No matter how much automation is put into a sector or field, there will always be a need for human interaction in site.

Now the workers you need are only a click away.

Philipp Kindt,

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