Asus ROG Keris Wireless Reviews

ASUS is expanding the range of its wireless mouse with Keris Wireless, which is ergonomic and especially suitable for right-handed professional e-sports gamers.

Like Chakram and Pugio II, Keris Wireless also provides triple connections, wired connections, 2.4GHz low latency and long latency. Durable Bluetooth. Battery life is up to 78 hours without RGB, and up to 56 hours with RGB backlight.

ASUS ROG Keris Wireless uses ROG’s proprietary DIP switch to achieve 70 million clicks on the home button, and like previous ASUS mice, you can extend the life of the mouse by hot-swapping the home button switch. Instead of the usual ABS plastic, you can extend the life of the mouse.

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The main components

The main components of the keys are made of PBT polymer, which has a longer service life. Another great advantage is that the side key cover can be changed to other colors. Used as the sensor of ASUS ROG Keris Wireless, and this sensor has 16,000. dpi and 400 IPS specifications.

It can provide high performance and is very lightweight.Due to its internal honeycomb structure, it weighs only 79 grams, and the braid of the umbrella cord makes the charging cable particularly flexible. However, since there is no cable lock, please keep in mind that the cables may be twisted.

The mouse feet are made of 100% PTFE (Teflon). Of course, gaming mice should not be without RGB lighting. Of course, ASUS ROG Keris Wireless also has full RGB lighting effects. As always, you can use the dedicated Armoury Crate software to customize it easily and conveniently. In addition, it is assumed that the kit includes a charging cable, a wireless dongle, 2 Omron switches (D2F01F) and a set of spare mouse feet.You can find other gaming accessories.