Astonishing and Quirky Design Patterns of Custom Lipstick Boxes for Your Brand

The use of lipstick makes an essential part of females. No matter they go to a wedding, party and or even a pool party, their lips must cover with awesome colours of lipstick. However, the shade range variegated as per the festival and event as per their choice. So, to fulfil the need of customers, brands launch new shade ranges for their loving customers every day. Some most trendy shades range are enlisting below that pack in custom lipstick boxes to provide the best user experiences.

  • Pinks shades range
  • Peachey and coral shades of lipsticks
  • Nudes and brown shades range
  • Semi matter lipstick with oranges
  • The red and bold color range of lipsticks

Now it’s time to know why lipstick boxes need your attention to create esthetic designs.

Importance of Designs for product packaging

Recently, the trend of simple packaging has changed, and now people love the attractive or titillating look of lipstick packaging boxes. Apart from this, in the race competition, design plays a major role in making your product appearance enchanting and fabulous. Also, you can use multiple esthetics to give an opulent look to your product packaging. Therefore, many brands use alluring design patterns to transform your lipstick packaging in a new way.

Pink Crab Apple Flower Pattern for Lipstick boxes

Our first choice is to use only pink crab apple flowers on the lipstick boxes. It looks natural and enthralling to hold the imagination of customers. Add to this, the combination of pink crab apple flowerers with green leaves is enough to rule on the mind of customers. You can pick the desired colour for printing this lipstick packaging box by using CMYK and PMS colour models. Plus, the use of such flowers is a unique way to give a gleeful flowery touch to your lipstick boxes.

Black Trumpet Printing on White Boxes

The touch of black and white is never old, but it becomes more graceful with creativity. So, if you don’t like to use bold colours for lipstick packaging, then white lipstick boxes are perfect with black printed content. Moreover, the printed content consists of a logo, brand name, and any designs patterns. Lipstick boxes with logos offer you the great opportunity to stand out in the pool of clusters and make your brand recognition. Next to this, the use of music trumpet playing graphics is perfectly symbolic of the quality of lipstick products that are waited inside the box.

Autumn theme Graphics Printing on Brown Shades Lipstick Boxes

As you know, customization offers you the choice to pick each and every element as per your interest. Similarly, custom lipstick boxes are easily designedin multiple patterns that you want to see in your packaging. So, the use of autumn leaves on lipstick packaging is also a titillating choice. However, this packaging design perfectly goes with nude and brown shades of lipstick. If you desire to make more enticing lipstick boxes, you merge a light orange gradient in the background.

Green Leaf Printing on Lipstick Boxes to ShowCruelty-free OrganicProducts

If you are a seller of cruelty-free and organic products, you choose green leaf printing with light apple green and lime shade. When you choose such sort of designs for your custom lipstick packaging, it looks fabulous. Plus, it shows how you can add organic, paraben-free for cruelty-free lipstick. So, this design is pretty good to provide resemblance with the quality of your product.

Colourful Reggae-Themed Design for Lipstick Boxes

Reggae-themed is a famous style that uses for various things. It contains red, golden, green, and yellow touches. These shades explain the history of the Rastafarian influence, and they give an enchanting look to your lipstick boxes. If you want lipstick boxes to pack bulk products, then you can easily go for lipstick packaging wholesale at affordable.

Black and White Doodle Patterns for Lipstick

The basic purpose of the doodle is to provide the feeling of relaxation and provide relief from boredom. However,ghost writers for hire doodle are the act of an individual that they do to feel relaxed. But the use of abstract doodles on your lipstick packaging boxes looks awesome. Add to this; you can use any geometrical shape like square and triangle with dots is the simplest doodle for your packaging. If you want a little bit of complex touch, it is perfect for your product’s packaging designs.

Floral Printing on Lipstick Boxes

The touch of floral patterns with various kinds of colours is a must, mesmerizing thing to make your custom liquid lipstick packaging up to the mark. You can choose girl cute flower printing, vintage floral patterns, and zeta gale floral patterns as per your choice. Apart from this, you can pick a colour theme as per your demand. For this purpose, you can choose shades of custom printed lipstick boxes as per your interest that are mentioned below for you.

  • Muted shades
  • Citrus hues
  • Earthy tones
  • Cool tones

The use of such tones with your floral patterns fills the life in your lipstick packaging. Plus, you can choose the flower size according to your interest for further design.

2-color Design with Artistic Touch

When you add multiple colours to your custom lipstick packaging boxes, it increases the cost of your packaging. But don’t worry, you can design your boxes with a minimalistic approach by using only 2-colours. Most of the packaging suppliers offer your option of no printing, 1-color printing, 2-color printing, and 4-colour printing. So, you can create an enchanting and catchy colour combination for lipstick boxes with a decent artistic design touch.

Final Thoughts

The gist of the discussions revolves around the spellbinding design of custom lipstick boxes. As you know, no one denies the importance of lipstick packaging boxes, so you just need to put your concentration on them. Thus, you can use floral patterns, apple crab flowers, autumn theme, reggae theme, and two-colour printing with artistic colour on your lipstick boxes. Now it’s all up to you what design you love to add essentially for your lipstick packaging boxes.