Aspiring rap artist and verified influencer, The Quantum Plane is working on new music and determined to come up

It’s been over a year since he released “The Teaser 1 & 2” and he hasn’t dropped any new music other than two unreleased EPs from 2011-2012 era called “No Barcodes” on Spotify just last week. After being inactive from music professionally for nearly a decade other than the few times he dropped some songs in between the years.

Now he’s ready to take off where he left and reach a whole new level of success that he couldn’t imagine.

Quantum said… “I spent many nights over the past year or so finding myself in uncomfortable situations just to survive. From sleeping on the sand, in the park, abandoned back porches or pretty much anywhere I could safely get some rest at night without being harassed by police for being homeless to have enough energy the next day to continue my journey.”

Luckily he’s always managed to discover ways to survive and he’s grateful for the blessings that come his way from god and through other individuals.

With over 2 Million followers combined on his TikTok and Instagram accounts, I’m sure theirs much more in store for The Quantum Plane.

He recently deleted all his TikTok videos and hasn’t posted on his main IG account in 2 years since 2020.

His reason is that he’s been working on his rebirth, getting in tune with his inner self and building a relationship with God and the universe. He is now ready to reconnect with loved ones and supporters around the world and bring something to the table that can benefit them in moving forward in their journeys.

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