ASPAM Indian International School Review

ASPAM Indian International School, which was founded in 2013, is a school that teaches students from all over the world. In Sharjah, provides high-quality education, discovers and nourishes each child’s uniqueness by unlocking their hidden potential and grooming them to their full potential.

The ASPAM Group of Schools is a project of Gulf Petrochem Group, a major participant in the oil industry that believes in embracing innovation and changing with the times while remaining true to its fundamental values.

Under the leadership and vision of chairman Mr. Ashok Goel and Managing Director Mr. Sudhir Goel, the institution has developed year after year. The premium school, located in the Al Azra district of Sharjah, is one of the best CBSE schools in Sharjah.

Vision And Mission

· To incorporate the school’s vision, mission statement and core values into all aspects of operations.

· To uphold professional and ethical standards.

· Strengthening international practises in curriculum and extracurricular activities. This makes them one of the top schools in Sharjah.

· ASPAM IIS, Best Schools in Sharjah, Sharjah Private School, professional personnel capacity.

· Establishing long-term practices in and around the school.

· Enable meaningful community and family interaction.

· To put students at the centre of education and assume responsibility for their academic performance and overall well-being.


According to the UAE inspection framework requirements, the school follows the CBSE curriculum and worldwide norms to mould pupils into global citizens. Every student receives the necessary support through the curriculum, developing vital skills and moulding them into autonomous thinkers and learners.

The current content allows students to think on current topics with enough help from teachers to make sense of them and connect them to their lives. Every class is linked to the school’s vision and mission statement and the in-house initiatives and activities carried out.

The curriculum allows pupils to attain their full potential by developing the whole kid physically, emotionally, socially and morally. The curriculum is well-structured and progressive, allowing teachers to revisit and update skills as necessary.

Academic Team

The academic team comprises highly qualified professional instructional leaders trained to lead and coach the team to improve instructional practices and assist students in achieving their goals.

The training provided is based on the premise that it will assist and motivate instructors in improving classroom instruction and student accomplishment.

To guarantee that the educational techniques, methods, and procedures learned are used to calibrate students’ individual skills and requirements, reflection is an important aspect of the training. ASPAM’s top-notch academic team is a big reason why it’s on the top of the list of schools in Sharjah.

The House System

Staff and students are separated into four Houses to instil a sense of loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition:

· Amber is a girl who likes to (Yellow)

· Coral is a type of coral that is (Red)

· Jade is a precious stone (Green)

· Opal is a mineral that is found in abundance (Blue)

This approach encourages social interaction and a sense of duty and increases competitiveness through house competitions.


According to ASPAM IIS, o level schools in Sharjah, children require diverse experiences in an environment where everything is believed to be a good learning experience. Children require diverse experiences in an environment where everything is considered a wholesome learning experience without sacrificing academic rigour or high academic success goals.

KG: Art & Design

The development of a child’s creativity is aided by various art, craft, music, movement, creativity and role-play possibilities. Working with colours, textures, shapes, spaces and forms, children experiment with a range of mediums.

Performing Arts at Primary, Middle and Senior Schools

Students learn to appreciate and explore various kinds of music and performances and develop the skills necessary to master instrument playing, both as part of the core curriculum and through extracurricular activities.

Physical Education

Physical education is an important aspect of the senior and middle school curriculum to prepare students for adulthood by instilling information, skills, traits and attitudes that will enable them to be self-sufficient and productive citizens.

To Conclude

We’ve come to the end of our in-depth look with ASPAM IIS. We hope you can make an informed selection right now, as choosing an excellent school is the first step toward a brighter future for your child. So please don’t take any chances; go to the school’s website for more information or pay a visit to one of the greatest schools for your child.