Ask a Surgical Error Lawyer: What Conditions Can You Sue For?

The idea of going through a surgery is a stressful one no matter what kind of surgery it is. But if you have been through surgery and the surgeon made an error, this is an incredibly frightening situation. You should work with a surgical error lawyer to get fair compensation.

Ask a Surgical Error Lawyer: What Conditions Can You Sue For?

Surgery on the Wrong Site

This type of surgical error is one of the most common types of surgical errors. Before a surgery takes place, the area that is going to undergo the procedure must be clearly marked. If surgery is performed on the wrong body part or wrong side of the body, this is medical malpractice.

Wrong-site surgery also describes surgeries performed on the wrong person. This is rare but has happened. Usually, when incidents like this occur, they indicate a much larger overall issue with the way a particular hospital is running.


Hospitals are kept clean to prevent infections in their vulnerable patients. If the proper prevention methods aren’t taken before surgery and you get sick, this is a surgical error and you may be able to sue for medical malpractice.

For instance, if the tools used for your surgery were not properly sterilized beforehand and you became sick with an infection, that’s malpractice. Infections in hospitals can be particularly dangerous, especially if you already have a weakened immune system for any reason. Conditions like sepsis can quickly become deadly.

Instruments Left in the Body

The idea of a surgeon leaving a surgical instrument in your body after surgery may seem strange, but you might be surprised by how often surgical errors like this occur. If an instrument is left in your body after a surgery, this can cause a lot of complications down the line.

To prevent surgical errors like this, many hospitals require that all instruments used are counted out after a surgery is performed. However, not all hospitals require this. If it’s revealed that something like this happened to you, your lawyer will help represent you and get you fair compensation.

Internal Organ Damage

Sometimes mistakes happen during surgeries. But if a doctor is careless and something goes wrong, you may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. If during your surgery your doctor accidentally punctured or otherwise harmed one of the nearby internal organs, this can cause some major health issues.

Major organs are made up of delicate tissues that can be easily harmed during surgeries. If these organs are hurt, you may experience health problems that can take a long time to heal. Make sure you get in touch with a surgical error lawyer Baltimore if you believe you’ve experienced this type of surgical error.

Nerve Damage

Several things could go wrong during a surgery that might cause nerve damage. Your nerves could be damaged during the surgery itself, for instance. In other cases, the improper administration of an anesthetic could lead to nerve damage. Things like anesthesia can cause a lot of harm if they are not given correctly. This is why there are specialized doctors that administer it.

Nerve damage caused by surgical errors can be permanent, as can the emotional trauma of going through something like this.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

When you are going through a legal battle, you need to make sure you have the right people on your side. This is especially true for things like medical malpractice, which can be notoriously difficult cases. While some people may choose to represent themselves in court, this is something you should think twice about.

Lawyers spend years training for good reason. The law is a complex thing. When you work with an experienced and professional lawyer, you’ll ensure that your case has the best chance of winning. If you need to take your case to court, your lawyer will make sure your rights are respected and that you get proper representation.

A Fair Settlement

When you experience any kind of surgical error, you should be compensated for what you have been through. Your hospital’s insurance company may offer you an initial settlement, but you should be careful about accepting the first thing offered to you.

Your lawyer will be able to look at your case and determine what a fair settlement actually looks like. If the two of you decide that your case is worth more than what you are being offered, your lawyer will represent you and help you get fair compensation.

Undergoing surgery is stressful and frightening no matter what, but when our doctors break our trust, that can be a deeply traumatizing experience. If you have experienced a surgical error, your lawyer will be by your side to help you get justice.

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