Ashamed of Asking Friends to Vote? Worry no more!


Want to Participate in Online Contests?

You often come across competitions and contests on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Woobox, etc. These competitions have a lot riding on them, it can be some prize that you could win or some benefit you could get. The biggest problem is that we all want to participate, however, it is not easy to win, as we do not have the same kind of pull on our social media which could win us the competition. An average person would have a couple of hundred mutuals on his socials, but the number of mutuals who interact on a daily basis is far less. Out of those, a bare 10-15 people would actually open the links and vote if you ask for it, and that is obviously not enough to win you a competition, in which, so many people are participating. Don’t worry Buy Online Contest Votes have you covered in this, as well!

We all know the shame it takes in asking your friends and other mutuals to help you vote, or when you tag someone in one of those promotional posts, or even if you just have some form to be filled, it takes a lot of courage to ask your own “friends” to do so. It is probably because most of us would not actually do the same when it comes to us. That is obviously very wrong, and we should do the bare minimum on social media for our friends, but while we are waiting for this mentality to change, should we just keep on losing the contests that are going on around us? The answer is no, of course not and for this matter, we have you covered. 


What Do We Offer?

We have a system designed to address this issue. We have spent a lot of time developing a foolproof method that has been successful for more than seven years. This method allows you to buy IP votes, which range from contests on Facebook to Twitter and Instagram polls, captcha votes, etc. These votes are from unique IPs and very realistic profiles which allow you to take part in as many competitions as you want and give you a great chance of winning. The best thing about our votes is that they are not automatic votes, they are cast manually and can give you the edge at the very last minute, as well. This means that you could win a contest, minutes before it ends.  Also read about – Marble Spice Grinder.

All you have to do is choose a package of your preference, out of a number of packages that are available at affordable prices. Once you do that, you will have the votes cast timely and proven ones which are verified by the likes of SSL, Sitelock, and even PayPal. So, you buy contest votes, and our customer service allows you to stay in touch while the competition is going on. This way you can stay up to date and have the satisfaction of keeping in contact with us, as well.