As opposed to regular coffee, why are Vietnam coffee brands growing in popularity?

The unexpected fact is that Vietnam coffee is more favorable than one might imagine. Vietnam coffee is really great and should be enjoyed by everyone because it gives you an extra energy boost. Anyone who enjoys a delicious, quick pick-me-up at any time of the day will adore Vietnam coffee as it is stronger and more delicious than regular coffee. Vietnam coffee is the greatest option for those who enjoy waking early and wish to focus better at work. 

People drink coffee mostly for the extra kick that caffeine provides. If you’ve never had Vietnam coffee, we believe this post will persuade you to give it a try.  In this post, we are going to introduce you to more well-known Vietnam coffee brands that give you a delicious and premium ready-to-use coffee blend.

Some more popular Vietnam coffee brands you should try!

The five most popular Vietnam coffee brands that you should try are listed below for your benefit. Whole beans and instant coffee are both available, and they are all freshly grown in Vietnam, you must try them!

Weasel Coffee Brand

Weasel Coffee, which also provides exceptional Arabica and Robusta beans in addition to weasel coffee, is undoubtedly one of the top Vietnam coffee brands that are currently gaining popularity. Its unique flavor profile and manufacturing process has made it one of the top Vietnamese coffee caffeine at IdentityCoffees.


  • A rich, smooth, and well-balanced coffee with touches of butter, caramel, and cocoa is the result.
  • High-quality, sustainably cultivated coffee beans.
  • Taste that is rich, sweet, and chocolaty.
  • Taste and scent that is well-balanced and easy on the stomach.

Me Trang

Me Trang is the place to go if you’re searching for the strongest, most honest cup of coffee. Me Trang has a sizable line-up and a wide variety of blends, all of which are powerful and delicious enough to become everyone’s favorite. Additionally, their prices are slightly lower but the quality and the taste of the coffee you receive are superior there. 

Me Trang is a good choice if taste and price are important to you. And if you enjoy making coffee on your own and are a coffee lover, you should try this Vietnamese coffee brand is beneficial and excellent for times when you are busy. I know you’ll love it! 


  • Acidity-free flavor with a rich, delicious taste.
  • Top quality is guaranteed by carefully chosen beans.
  • Whipped, mocha Flavor.
  • Superior blend that is more reasonably priced and great for daily use.


If you enjoy chocolate, this coffee may quickly become one of your favorites. It has a very strong flavor because of the chocolate and with a touch of natural sweetness. One of the top Vietnamese coffees is this one.


  • Has a robust, rich scent with a subtle, just-adequate acidity on the taste.
  • Rich, decadent, and chocoholic with a touch of natural sweetness.
  • Enjoy each taste of the smoothest, most unique beverage possible. 

Before reading further, here are some of the most asked questions and misconceptions about coffee:

  • Will coffee keep me awake?
  • Coffee on an empty stomach
  • Why coffee makes you poop?
  • Coffee makes you pee!
  • Coffee gives you bad breath!

Learn funny coffee facts for answers to above questions & misconceptions.

VN Roaster

VN Roaster is a popular Vietnam coffee brand that you should try. The coffee produced from its blend has a delightful and endearing taste and is aromatic, velvety, creamy, and occasionally greasy.

In addition to packing a blast of caffeine, the beans naturally hint at cocoa. The bitterness is eliminated and the flavors are intensified after being roasted in butter.


  • Coffee that is aromatic, velvety, and creamy.
  • Butter roasting enhances the taste quality.
  • Complements condensed milk nicely.
  • Coffee that is strong and powerful with overtones of butter and chocolate.

Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee

If you ask me about my favorite coffee, I must say that Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee, which is the only one that properly fits the standards for Vietnamese coffee, is one popular Vietnam coffee brand you should try. The Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee is a packet of entirely Vietnamese-grown Arabica coffee beans. Their entire procedure is absolutely remarkable. It is offered as a whole bean, premium quality roasting methods, and is sourced locally.


  • This Vietname mix of coffee is robust, delicious, and smooth for those who enjoy dark coffee.
  • The coffee beans are super perfectly roasted to make it easy for cold brew, hot brew, and Vietnam iced coffee all out them.
  • Only pure coffee beans without any artificial flavors.
  • The best part is that you may ground almost all these coffee beans as you wish and they’ll remain fresh for a longer duration of time.

Final Words

The strength of Vietnam coffee often shocks those who taste it for the first time. Vietnam coffee has a lot of caffeine. This beverage outperforms regular black coffee every day of the month. It also sets a cup of espresso to rest. A Vietnam coffee filter produces a potent, rich cup of coffee that is akin to an espresso or other similar recipe. Whichever coffee best suits your preferences and demands should be chosen. Simply choose a coffee that meets your needs after deciding what you desire from one.

You avoid the inconvenience of having to grind your own coffee because most of the coffee is already ground.

All of the brands offer you flavors that taste good because they are expertly blended so you can make coffee as you wish. Enjoy your freshly discovered Vietnam coffee brands’ intensely excellent flavor!  For more information, please visit: 

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