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Football is played everywhere: in Moscow courtyards and in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, in African villages and beyond the Arctic Circle. The popularity of the game is also due to the simplicity of the equipment. Football can be played in any clothes, shoes and (even barefoot!), without gates and markings. But the ball must be required.

There are dozens of different kinds of soccer balls on the market today in sports stores. In the face of such abundance, what should be done? decided to simplify the process of making your choice? As part of our FTX online store, we offer a large selection of quality soccer balls that are designed to meet the needs of professional football players.

FTX soccer ball performance on different surface

Outwardly differing only in colouring, the balls can have a different device. What should you know about this, and where should you start when you go to the store? The main thing is to understand what surface you will play on. Grass natural or artificial, soil or asphalt, popular in yards, snow or wooden floor in the gym? I was very happy to find that the FTX soccer ball performed very well for each of these coatings, with no hesitations experienced by the player during play when playing with the ball.

“The harder the coating, the thicker the outer layer of the ball, the so-called frame, should be,” says Yulia Borisova, an expert at AVM Sport. – For balls played on snow, this difference from other types can be 20-25 percent. The materials also differ – professional balls for playing on grass are made of polyurethane and microfiber, for soil – from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), for asphalt – from special high-strength rubber. And this is important. For example, budget balls for playing on grass and soil, made from PVC, which is cheaper than polyurethane, are not suitable for winter, as they “get stiff” in the cold. In general, this material is less durable, light and soft. The second point to remember is who exactly the ball is intended for. With the same size, children’s soccer balls can be 20-40 grams lighter than adults.

– Everyone knows that the sizes of balls are indicated by numbers, and the standard one is “five”.

FTX FIFA-approved soccer ball 

What other signs should be looked for on the ball’s surface to ensure you buy a high-quality product? There are three international ball quality standards developed by FIFA together with specialists from the Danish company Select. Typically, professional and semi-professional models are tested. On the FTX soccer ball, you can see the FIFA Inspected logo; it has passed six tests and met all the main parameters simultaneously. These parameters include weight, circumference, sphericity, pressure loss, moisture absorption and rebound. With the 7th test of maintaining shape and size after 2000 hits on a steel plate passed successfully, the FTX soccer ball now has the right to put the FIFA Approved mark on the ball (“FIFA approved”). To use these logos, FTX pays international federations, which means that their balls can be as much as 20 per cent more expensive than similar balls which have not been quality tested by FTX. Therefore, there is also IMS (“international ball standard”).

– But not only quality marks affect the price of the ball. Much depends on the manufacturing technology. What nuances exist here, and how exactly do models for 500 rubles differ from those that cost several times more?

FTX unique manufacturing technology

– In high-quality balls, the frame consists of polyurethane and microfiber with a non-woven lining that is more resistant to wear. To reduce the cost, FTX manufacturer, in addition to replacing polyurethane with PVC, make the surface thinner and, in order to meet the weight standard, use polymer foam as a filler. But it has the unpleasant property of absorbing moisture, which significantly impairs the characteristics of the ball during the game – balance, handling … You should also pay attention to the material of the chamber. FTX soccer ball made with natural latex which recovers better and faster after impact and provides an ideal rebound. According to the standard, such a rebound should be 120–165 cm after the ball falls from a height of two meters. To reduce the cost, a butyl chamber is used.

– So, you have made your choice and are ready to go home or even immediately to the yard to try out the purchase. Do not hurry! Finally, a couple more tips from our expert that can delay the next trip to the store. You also need to take good care of the ball.

– After the purchase, the ball should be pumped up and left for a day so that it restores its original shape. After that, lower and pump again. After the game, the ball should be wiped with a dry cloth and dried at room temperature. Between games, the ball must be lowered to avoid loss of elasticity. When inflating, you should use silicone-based oil – it prevents air leakage and prevents the nipple from cracking. Subject to these simple rules, the ball will last you two to three years.

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