Internationally Acclaimed Arts Schools in Canada

Science and technology are widespread fields of education, which provide a vast range of excelling opportunities to intelligent students. On the other hand, arts is still a widely pursued field of studies which help the students polish their talents and establish their name in the world. Internationally acclaimed art schools of Canada support the students in this endeavor.

They offer admission to students from across the globe. Canada is a popular study destination among the south Asian and specifically Pakistani students. The students are eager to gain knowledge and contribute to promoting the name of their country on the international level.

This article aims to discuss some internationally acclaimed art schools in Canada, as well as shed light on popular learning opportunities.

Top 6 Arts Schools in Canada for International Students

Art has been a part of life even before the establishment of a proper education system. There is no doubt that it is a natural skill; however, it also needs a bit of guidance. Therefore, Canadian art schools provide the opportunity of learning and skill development to talented students.

The following are some of the most popular art schools in Canada which offer admission to international students.

1.   Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Emily Carr University of art and design is among the top art schools in Canada, which is specifically popular among foreign students. They often acquire the help of education consultants in Pakistan to secure their admission and look after travel matters.

The institute provides the learning opportunities in the fields of painting, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, print media, illustration and digital arts; critical and cultural practices, animation in video, film and integrated media; and creative writing and fine arts.

2.   Alberta College of Art and Design

Alberta College of art and design, located in Alberta, is another most famous art school in Canada. The institute has developed some of the most acclaimed names in different fields of art. It offers admission to international students at the different study levels.

The students enrolled in this particular art school get the opportunity of picking the major in a vast majority of fields. These include popular programs like painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, glass, fiber, jewelry and metalworking, media arts, print media, and digital technologies.

3.   Ontario College of Art and Design

Ontario is one of the most popular places in Canada, which is specifically favored by international students. The presence of the Ontario College of art and design makes it the absolute choice of the students interested in pursuing a career in arts.

The institute offers majors in categories like drawing & painting, photography, printmaking,  integrated media, material art & design, criticism & curatorial practice, industrial design, advertising, graphic design, illustration, and environmental design.

4.   Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Nova Scotia College of art and design, located in Nova Scotia, is another internationally acclaimed art school in Canada. The art school is one of the oldest in Canada, which was established in the seventeenth century. It also includes a state of art design library that attracts international students.

The institute offers learning opportunities in the majors like art history, fine art, ceramics, jewelry design and metalsmithing, textiles, photography, intermedia, and interdisciplinary design, Craft, design, historical and critical studies, and media arts.

5.   Yukonsova School of Visual Arts

Yukonsova School of visual arts is another internally acclaimed art school in Canada. The institute provides the opportunities of polishing their skills and identify their talents to the young artists.

The institute offers a vast range of learning opportunities in the majors like Principles and practices of drawing, color, and painting, printmaking and paper, time-based media, sculpture, art words and cultural studies. You can also acquire the services of education consultants in Pakistan and secure your admission if you are interested in any of these art majors.

6.     New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

New Brunswick College of craft and design is another famous art school in Canada. It is also quite popular among international students due to its entrepreneurial focus. It provides a vast range of opportunities for emerging talent to excel in their careers.

New Brunswick College of craft and design offers advanced learning opportunities to the students interested in majors like visual arts, digital media, ceramics, graphic design, fashion design, textile design jewelry, and metal arts and photography.

Pursue arts education in Canada!

Canada is one of the safest countries for international students. The living expenses are quite affordable, and students can also win merit-based scholarships. So, it is an ideal country to continue higher education, with a vast range of internationally acclaimed art schools, as well as other educational institutes.

Do not waste your time in thinking too much and make your mind now, as there are only limited seats in art schools. Consult the experts to secure your admission.