Artificial Intelligence with Python

Artificial Intelligence is being used for a while and has a firm grip on the Computer Science industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation, which includes a model intended to constitute human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is based on the principle that human intelligence can be described so that a machine can easily imitate it and perform tasks, from easy to complicated. Over the years, this technology has evolved exponentially. Demand for Artificial Intelligence in the industry is at its zenith. If you wish to learn it, you can take up some handpicked machine Learning AI courses. 

What does the term “Artificial Intelligence” signify?

Artificial Intelligence is a method of crafting “intelligent” machines. Intelligence here refers to human intelligence. It is a way of creating machine systems that can think like humans and perform tasks expected to be performed by humans.

Artificial Intelligence is generally classified into the following three categories:

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  2. Artificial General Intelligence
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence

Why is Python the most suitable language for AI?

Python is a common programming language. It works almost the same as other programming languages. Despite that, it is a top choice of professionals like data scientists, machine learning, deep learning engineers, experts working with Artificial Intelligence, and many more.

Following are some reasons why Python is the first choice of engineers working in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science industry:

  • Lesser lines of Code: AI has a plethora of algorithms, Python’s user-friendly syntax and easily understandable coding methodology reduce workload exponentially. 
  • Prebuilt Libraries which reduce work: Python has numerous prebuilt libraries to perform different Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. This makes running any algorithm easier than expected.
  • Easy to learn and beginner-friendly: Python has a simple syntax that makes it effortless to work with.
  • Platform Independence and ease of running anywhere: Python can be implemented on numerous platforms involving Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix, and many more. 
  • Large Community of coders: Python has a massive community of coders online who stick together and help each other in case anything goes down.

The list of reasons above was the collection of general characteristics of Python. The list of Artificial Intelligence-based libraries in Python is as follows:

  1. TensorFlow: Google produces this library; it is commonly utilized in writing some of the Machine Learning algorithms. This is also used for working on complex computations that include Neural Networks.
  2. Scikit-Learn: This is a commonly known Python library correlated with NumPy and SciPy. It is regarded as one of the most reliable libraries for operating with complex data.
  3. NumPy: This is a handy library in Python particularly employed for computing scientific/mathematical data.
  4. Theano: This library consists of in-built functions that efficiently determine and solve mathematical expressions, including multi-dimensional arrays.
  5. Keras: This well-known Python library eases the implementation of neural networks.
  6. NLTK: Natural Language ToolKit is a Python library that is open to all and is primarily created for tasks, such as processing of Natural Language, analysis of provided text, and text mining.

Demand for AI over the time

Ever since Artificial Intelligence has hit the market, it has grown and evolved in extensive ways. It has revolutionized human life in countless directions. Some of the chief reasons for the massive demand for AI are as follows:

More computational strength than before: AI requires a considerable amount of power. Thanks to the invention of GPUs. We are currently able to deliver high-level computations and execute complex algorithms.

Help in data generation and analysis: We have generated a massive amount of data in prior years and are still generating the same at a faster rate. This data has to be taken care of and analyzed for future uses. AI helps in it.

Algorithms with better performance: Artificial Intelligence has brought an excellent set of algorithms that have helped over the years in countless ways and have reduced workload exponentially.

Broader investment than any other domain of the same type: Numerous tech tycoons like Amazon, Apple, YouTube, and Instagram are spending their wealth in Artificial Intelligence, and relying on it. It has achieved notable fame due to its valuable inputs that have increased the interest of investors in AI-based policies.

The increase of Artificial Intelligence usage is unstoppable. Hence, if you wish to learn this concept in detail then now is the best time for you to dive into the pool of Artificial Intelligence. If you wish to learn this concept in detail and master it, you can enroll in some handpicked Machine Learning AI courses.


AI is a field of Computer Science with exponential growth and a massive amount of applications. If implemented smartly, it can revolutionalize human life in unimaginable ways. If you wish to learn this concept in detail and use it to earn, you can enroll in some handpicked Machine Learning AI course and dive into the pool of Artificial Intelligence.

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