Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence refers to the capability of machines to copy human intelligence and act like them. These are designed to make work efficiently and quickly. For Example, speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning. It is based on the fundamental theory of mimicking and imitating human intelligence and perform in the same manner. IT industries are on the way to improve artificial intelligence so that even more technical and specialized tasks can be performed easily with its help. And as the technology is improving on, it is becoming a necessity for the industries to invest in it or else they will be wiped out of the competition. It is used in various industries such as the healthcare industry, manufacturing industry, Finance Industry, Agriculture industries, etc. Complex algorithms and software are being used for imitating human intelligence in the artificial intelligence in healthcare industry for evaluating medical data.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare industries are:-

  • ‌Enabling automated and accurate compliance:- There are various rules and regulations that a health organization is supposed to comply with. With the help of artificial intelligence tools quality provided to the patients can be maintained. Even the errors can be reduced and also time can be saved. As it also helps in preparation of billing and following the guidelines.
  • ‌Decision Making:- The artificial intelligence can help in decision making as it helps in assessing a large number of data easily which if managed by humans can be riskier and more prone to errors. Hence, the hospitals need to make the right decisions else it can be hazardous to patient’s health and the hospital may face legal issues that will degrade the reputation of the hospitals.
  • ‌Predicting future diseases:- The technology has been developed which can predict the disease inpatient in advance after analyzing the patient’s symptoms. For example, it can be predicted through artificial intelligence that a person can face an issue of cardiovascular disease by examining the pulse rate of the person.
  • ‌Understanding genetic makeup:- Earlier, the researchers are always trying to study the genetic makeup of individuals to understand the cause of particular disease and it is considered a difficult task as a lot of data needs to be analyzed but artificial intelligence has made removed this hindrance. As it makes the analysis and sequencing of DNA an easier task.
  • ‌Prevention of fraudulent invoicing:- Artificial intelligence is looking after the healthcare industries invoicing process to prevent fraudulent activities such as billing of treatments that are not provided to patients.

Therefore, it is expected that artificial intelligence in health industry will rise and will assist in reducing the mortality rate of an individual. There is a risk in the minds of Doctors that they will lose their occupation due to technological advancement in health care. According to research and increasing demand for artificial intelligence, people are becoming aware of the health issues and the frauds going on in this industry. There is a constant demand for wearable technology i.e. smartwatches showing the current health status of the person. Some robots diagnose the patient according to the symptoms and recommend medicine. Hence, this industry is continuously seeing growth at a rapid pace.

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