Artificial Disc Replacement; What Are The Benefits?

Spine/back surgery; did you just get some goosebumps? If you are dealing with spinal disc problems, your doctor may recommend spinal fusion or disc replacement surgery. Since spinal fusion entails joining two vertebrae to relieve stress and avoid shifting, it does not offer the best results. Dr. Kamal Woods Dayton may recommend artificial disc replacement. This is a popular treatment option more professionals are pushing, considering its effectiveness. If you are a good candidate, approach the surgery with confidence. Among the top benefits that you stand to realize from artificial disc replacement include:

Improved mobility

Artificial discs mimic the natural and healthy spinal discs. This means they offer the same flexibility and movement functions in your spine. This translates to improved mobility, unlike if you had a spinal fusion. The fusion limits spinal mobility to prevent shifting, causing spinal problems. The artificial disc replacement lets you retain mobility and flexibility in the spine while addressing your problems. This is a significant benefit that improves the quality of your life since it means you can maintain an active lifestyle.

Preserved disc function

A major downside to spinal fusion is its impact on the nearby discs. Since the fused section does not bend as naturally as possible, it leads to more stress on the neighboring discs. Such pressure can mean more disc issues, a concern the artificial disc replacement addresses. The replacement discs offer flexibility, maintaining natural movements that preserve other discs’ health. The preserved disc function reduces the risk of dealing with more issues in the future. This makes artificial disc replacement a more effective solution.

It does not involve bone grafts

Bone grafts are common with traditional spinal fusion. Unfortunately, this exposes patients to many risks and complications. With disc replacements, you won’t have to worry about such concerns since no bone grafts are involved.

Faster recovery

Artificial disc replacement is a minimally-invasive surgery. This means your recovery process is shorter and more manageable. You will need to be immobilized for a set period with spinal fusion to facilitate vertebrae healing. This means the recovery takes longer and is not as comfortable. With the disc replacement, you can be back on your feet faster. Within as few as three months, you can return to strenuous activities like running.

Lasting solution

With the ever-evolving medical technology, modern artificial replacement discs are advanced. This means they are more effective and not susceptible to damages like breaking. The replacement discs are safe to implant and last long while offering reliable solutions to your spinal issues.

Artificial disc replacement is a safe solution in the hands of a reliable and experienced doctor. Nonetheless, before you dive in, considering the risks is also essential. This ensures you make an informed decision as you prepare and post-treatment. Like any surgical procedure, you can experience some risks and complications, including:

  • Infection
  • Spine stiffness or rigidity
  • Dislodging/dislocation of the artificial joint
  • Implant wear or loosening
  • Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spine), to mention a few

Despite the risks, the treatment is effective and can help you return to your routine. Call or visit Vertrae(R) for more or artificial disc replacement and all spine-related concerns.