Arranged Nikahnama Witnesses in Court Marriage In Lahore

Nikahnama Witnesses in Court Marriage:

If you need assistance on nikahnama witnesses in court marriage in Lahore Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan & Court Marriage procedure in Pakistan Is very simple and easy. Where the value of subject matter of appeal exceeds Rs. 25000/- then Court fee is to be paid by item 1, Schedule 1 to Court Fees Act, 1870 of the value of subject matter to the maximum of Rs. 15000/- for nikahnama witnesses in court marriage in Lahore Pakistan. °

Memorandum of Appeal:

The other view is that is liable to be affixed at ad valorem court fee on the subject of dispute as provided by S. 7 of the Court Fee Act, 1870. Mode of evaluation for Court fememorandum of appeal e on a memorandum of Court fee would be ten times the value of maintenance granted for one year. The court fee on the memo of appeal against the order of maintenance would be on the subject matter in dispute in appeal and not on the subject matter in dispute of claim in a suit filed by the plaintiff for nikahnama witnesses in court marriage in Lahore Pakistan.

Maintenance Allow:

Maintenance allowance at Rs. 1000/- p.m. as against Rs. 2000/- p.m. originally claimed in the plaint; the Court fee would be livable at the amount of maintenance allowed by the Court.  The wording of notification dated 04.02.1980 clearly shows that court fees are remitted, among other things, on civil and revenue suits, at all stages, in all Courts provided. The value of the subject matter thereof or the relief claimed therein does not exceed twenty-five thousand rupees for nikahnama witnesses in court marriage in Lahore Pakistan. The words “civil suits” and “in all Courts” clearly show that the remission is intended to cover documents filed in regular suits before normal.

Court Marriage in Lahore Pakistan:

Civil Courts on nikahnama witnesses in court marriage in Lahore Pakistan and other suits are provided under special laws, where such laws provide for the institution of suits through the presentation of objections and where such suits are tribal by civil Courts. Words “at all stages” refer to steps in a suit during its original jurisdiction trial and every step in proceedings in appeal.  14.  It cannot file Cross-objection. Cross objection Counterclaim in family matters which is the subject of Civil Procedure Code, 1908.3 15.  Custody of child.

Liability of Maintenance:

Liability to maintain a minor child is not only a religious, moral obligation of the father, but it was also his bounded legal duty on nikahnama witnesses in court marriage in Lahore Pakistan. Father, being Gazetted Officer, could easily provide maintenance of Rs. 1000 per month to his minor son, which was not excessive or unreasonable given a school-going child during such dearness and inflation. Father may he claiming custody under section 25 of Guardian and Wards Act, 1890 cannot deny discharge his obligation based on such petition until he does not take the custody.

Maintenance Child:

Father would pay the maintenance child is gone to him and is fed by him on his dining table.” Wife a Gazetted Officer in Arms Forces while husband a Doctor serving abroad in the U.K., their status was obvious after nikahnama witnesses in court marriage in Lahore Pakistan. Amount of maintenance fixed @ Rs. 10,000/- per month found to be by the status of parties; the superior Courts declined to interfere. 

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