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Arlo camera is the first name that strikes the mind of any person who is looking to buy a security camera. It is equipped with all the advanced features which are expected by a user. From night vision recording to weather proof functionality, this device has got all the things covered. Furthermore, it comes along with a bases station which acts as a bridge to connect Arlo camera to home Wi-Fi connection. This base station also helps to enhance the battery life of Arlo camera and sustain it for longer duration.

There is a need to establish a connection between the camera and base station to leverage the features. Any error here will lead to Arlo Base Station Offline issue. In this guide we will tell you how to resolve Arlo Device offline issue from the scratch. Follow the steps one by one to get rid of the issue in a single go:

Reboot Base Station:

The easiest way out and the trick that works 95% of the times is to reboot base station. Just unplug the power socket and wait for 30 sec. Reconnect the same to power socket again. The LED will start blinking (solid green). If not, try hands with other troubleshooting steps.

Check Power Adapter:

Loose connection is sometimes the cause of Arlo base offline issue. Check if the power adapter is properly connected to the source or not

Check Port Number 80 and 443:

This is something technical. For proper functioning port number 80 and 443 should be open to the router.

Reset Arlo Base Station

This should be last resort if all the above troubleshooting steps are not working. Resetting the Arlo base station will erase all the saved setting and you will have to reconfigure the base station like the way you have done when it was new.

Even after this if you are still facing issues of Arlo Camera Offline, there is no need to panic. To assist you with any issues whatsoever, there is a dedicated team of experts which is at your disposal round the clock. You just need to dial toll-free number +1 855 969 0086 to get in touch with an expert and they will help you get rid of issues related to Arlo base station. The experts will help you by taking remote access and will do necessary configuration to resolve the issue instantly.

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