Are You Working from Home? Check These Essential Custom Furniture for You!

Embrace Your Work from Home Culture with Custom Furniture

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed our traditional way of working. You have entered a new era of remote working. Everyone is forced working from home and it makes custom furniture for home office equipment on-demand. It is because working from sofas or beds are far from productive.

Therefore, a dedicated space to work is urgently needed. The furnishing will create an “actual” office environment so that it aims to lift your mood to work, instead of being slump on the bed. Next, the workspace at home will assist you in separating tools between household and working activities.

And, if you choose custom furniture, it will perfectly meet your needs. No need to shop around furniture stores to find the perfect one, when you can simply request and create. Let’s save your time for the essentials! Hence, what kinds of furniture do we need to work from home?

Kinds of Furniture for Work from Home

  1. Desks

It is important to separate the “enjoyment” area and the working area. By having a desk, you have set your mindset for being productive, instead of working on your bed. Here are some of the working desks that may suit your needs.

  • Regular desk

This desk is simple. It only has a straight surface with four legs. Since you have no additional features, the desk will be lightweight and easily moved. Without having the clutter of drawers, you can focus on your task. Moreover, this kind of desk will suit any style and give a brighter atmosphere because it does not take much space.

  • A Desk with Drawers

Are you a student who needs to keep books and notes at hand? Or, are you an artisan who has a lot of tools scattered on the desk? Instead of the regular desk, you definitely need a desk with drawers.

When you choose custom furniture, you can ask the retailer how many drawers you need and whether it is on the right, left side, or both. Furthermore, you are able to adjust the height of the drawer if you pick a customized item.

  • L-Shaped Desk

Is the 29-to-30-inch desk not enough for your workload? Then, the L-shaped desk is perfect if you need more space for two monitors and a printer. Still, make sure you get the right corner at your home before purchasing this desk.

  • Double-Sided Desk

If both you and your partner need to work at home, go get a double-sided desk. Do not let your partner, or you even, sacrifice and work at the dining table instead. Request your retailer to get a suitable double-sided desk for your space because, sometimes, a double-sided desk can take a lot of space.

  • Standing Desk

Sitting for more than 8 hours can bring harm to your health! Therefore, if you still want to be productive and healthy at the same time, a standing desk can be a great investment.

You do not need to worry to buy a tall chair since you can find an adjustable standing desk. Thus, you can arrange the height of the desk to meet your sitting or standing level.

  • Armoire Desk

Do you prefer having a clean environment and hide clutters on your desk? Armoire desk is compatible with a person like you! It is like a clothing armoire, but you have your desk and cabinets inside. If you do not want to see the clutter, you can simply close the door.

  1. Chairs

A good office desk from your custom furniture retailer must be paired with a comfortable chair. Invest in a fitting desk to keep your back healthy and avoid neck pain, especially when your job requires you to sit in front of the computer for hours. Here are chair recommendations for working from home.

  • High-Back Chair

High-back chair is also often called executive chairs. This one is a perfect choice if you avoid suffering from back pain. Sometimes, this kind of office chair also includes a neck or headrest. To maximize its comfort, you can also get lumbar support with adjustable angle, depth, and height.

  • Mesh Office Chair

Do you have a tendency to sweat a lot while working? Then, get yourself a mesh office chair. The net-like fabric will lose the thermal on your back and make you comfortable. The high-quality mesh office with a waterfall edge can help you get better blood circulation.

  • Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair promotes better posture. It has an adjustable headrest and arms. Moreover, it offers a sliding seat pan, so you arrange the depth of your chair and relax your legs.

  1. Storage or Shelving Units

Storage is important to make your desk less cluttered. If you already own a regular desk, you do not need a new desk with drawers. Instead, get storage or shelving units. Before you purchase a storage unit, consider several points.

  • Decide the purpose of your storage. Do you aim it to be pretty to show your crafts or store papers and files only?
  • Determine what will you put inside it, so you can have a picture of the suitable material for your shelves.
  • Look at the surroundings and consider the style and size of your future shelve.

Do you frequently move your storage? Then, a storage trolley is a fitting option for you. If you do not want to have regular shelve since you lack space, floating shelves can be the solution.

  1. Accessories

If you consider having custom furniture, do not only think about the big ones. Visualize the boxes, cable management tools, noticeboards, and desk organizers. They are the details you need to think about when you design a work-from-home setup.

In conclusion, being able to transform and embrace the changes is essential since our home is our office right now. To help you get an office environment at home, Dejepara offers perfect custom furniture with premium quality.

You can request the shape, material, and style. We have been in this field for more than 15 years with 50+ crafting projects for offices and houses. Thus, bringing the office atmosphere to your home will be trouble-free work for us. Contact Dejepara right now and get a set of your home-office essentials immediately.