Are you ready to give SAT?

The scholastic aptitude test or SAT is an entrance exam given by students who are looking forward to studying in the colleges of the United States. It is a paper-based examination that tests the writing, critical thinking, and mathematical skills of students. Its evaluation is based on scores.

Giving the SAT can be useful in the following ways.

  • It helps in improving your English writing and speaking skills.
  • It improves your mathematical knowledge.
  • The most important thing to give this exam is that its scores help you get admission to the college you desire for.
  • The fee is also not very high as compared to other entrance exams.
  • Most colleges in the United States accept the SAT for under graduation level degree
  • Giving SAT improves your basic knowledge regarding English and mathematics.
  • Getting your desired scores is very easy if you prepare well for the exam.
  • It also improves your general knowledge of history as well as social science.

You can prepare for your SATs by following the tips given below.

  1. Taking a diagnostic test can help you determine how well or how bad you do in each sat section. With this information in hand, you can decide on a score goal for yourself.
  2. Before you go off and spend a bunch of money on SAT prep books and courses, determine how far you are from your goal score right now. If you are at or above your goal score then you should go ahead with your main exam. If not, you’ll want to come up with a preparation plan.
  3. If you find difficulty in any section while preparing, then join an SAT tutoring class because if you’re starting from level zero, then you will get a detailed idea of how everything works for getting admission to a foreign college.
  4. There are many coaching centers available all over India. You can find SAT coaching in Kolkata, Punjab, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, etc. Deciding how much time you have to prepare will aid your study planning. It will determine how many hours you need to study per week.
  5. You can conclude SAT preparation, by taking an Official SAT practice test, published by the College Board, one by one and try completing all of them. This gives you the practice to remain concentrated for the full exam duration and also helps you in bridging the knowledge gap.
  6. Practice makes you perfect and also gets you used to the rigor of the actual test. Take the most recent one; answer as if you are doing it in a test center and within the prescribed time.
  7. Evaluate your answers, you have a scoring sheet and also explanations to answers available. Review all wrong / guessed questions and understand how you can get them right next time.
  8. Take the next practice test, adopt this iterative approach, until you complete all official tests, and will definitely improve your overall score.

To conclude, time management, determination, and devotion are all you need for attaining the desired result you want.