Are You Meant To Be With Your Twin Flame or Soulmate?

If you have ever felt like your life is fraught because of two intensely comfortable compatibilities, you might be balancing a twin flame and a soul mate. It’s a common situation, but what is even more common is mistaking one for the other if you don’t know how to spot the differences. This is an important distinction to make because the role of each person in your life is very different, and understanding the purpose they are meant to play can make the difference between realizing the relationship’s potential and missing the opportunity. The best love psychic you can find is one who knows how to spot which of these people is entering your life so they can advise you on the best approach to your relationship’s ups and downs.

Twin Flame & Soulmate: What’s the Difference

These relationships are both defined by their sudden feeling of attraction to the other person, but the types of attraction are usually very different. Soulmates are complementary people to your soul, the perfect fit to round out your shortcomings and support your goals. They are companions, which is why they so often wind up as one’s spouse. Twin flames are the other half of a soul that has been sundered, and no one knows quite how they happen.

  • Flames push you to grow and realize the complete version of you that lies in your potential
  • They are similar and complementary at once, so your twin flame and soulmate may share enough traits in common to become friends if they don’t become romantic rivals instead
  • Romantic relationships with a twin flame are usually defined by intense attraction followed by fear and rejection because the similarities include similar areas of trauma that often tread on one another’s triggers
  • Similarly, they can be intensely rewarding because twin flames fill in the other side of one’s sense of self, complementing your personality in ways similar to your soulmate while also fulfilling a need for the psychological push you need to actualize the best version of your personality

Traits that separate twin flames and soulmates are the key to telling the difference, and accurate psychic readings on love always push to discover whether a strong attraction is one, the other, or rarely, both.

How a Psychic Can Help

It’s not always easy to spot whether the conflicts in a relationship as it develops are signs of a deepening bond that requires you to work through trauma, a possible twin flame conflict that could blow up the relationship, or signs of a toxic dynamic. Psychics exist to sort through the emotional and spiritual effects of tense times to help you understand when strong feelings are part of the growth you are seeking and when they are a sign it is time to move on. They can also help you sort out when those conflicts are the result of twin flame issues overlapping and causing you to recoil from a relationship that has the potential to challenge you into being exactly who you have been trying to become. To sort that out, you need more than just an empathetic ear, you need the best tarot online from professionals who know the deeper layers of the deck’s meaning.

Jennifer Alex

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