Are You Looking For Dried Apricot And Dried Fig Suppliers?

As dried apricot suppliers and dried fig suppliers, we pay attention to how the production is done, how it is made and the quality of the product.

The world dried apricot production is about 2.5 million tons, Turkey ranks first in the world with production of 500 thousand tons.

Turkey is located in the first row and keep the market in dried apricot exports in the hands of 80%. In our country, intensive apricot cultivation is carried out in Malatya (50%), Elazig, Erzincan, Sivas, İçel (Mut), Antalya, Hatay, Kars, Iğdır regions.

Table apricot cultivation is carried out in Yalvaç and Senirkent districts in the north of Eğirdir lake in Isparta.

An important part of the dried apricots produced in the world are consumed for table. However, due to the short harvest period and fresh apricots spoiling quickly, apricots are mostly dried or processed.

Afterwards, dried fig suppliers are delivered to our company for sale.

Apricots are frozen, canned, pulp, nectar removed and jam, marmalade, jelly and cream are used in confectionery, liquor, cake, yogurt and ice cream industry.

Sweet apricot seeds are consumed as snacks, while the bitter ones are used as raw materials in the cosmetic industry.

In Turkey dried figs organic production is carried out in the amount of about 10-15 thousand tons in the end of the road. The climate of Aydın and İzmir provinces is quite suitable in terms of Sarılop fig variety, which is a drying type.

Just like apricots, we pay attention to how figs are grown in organic dried figs and we follow these situations.

Organic fig cultivation starts with the procurement of production material and includes the maintenance and damage processes to be carried out every year after the establishment of the garden.

However, there are many important points to be taken into consideration before establishing the garden, and this process involves a series of decision-making stages.

At this stage, all the factors that the manufacturer should examine can be listed as follows:

  • Land selection
  • Supply of saplings
  • Variety selection
  • Pruning and training system selection
  • Harvest
  • Environmental management
  • Minimum soil cultivation
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Fight against diseases and pests
  • Weed management

Dried figs are harvested regularly every day. Then, dried fig suppliers are delivered to our company.

In the soil process, figs are collected in containers and then they are spread over a clean area to prevent contamination and dried.

In the meantime, no other source other than sunlight is used.

Because it is aimed that figs preserve their natural form and do not lose anything from their structure and nutritional value.

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