Are You Looking for Aftermarket Knife Sheaths?

Having a good sheath is essential when you are carrying any fixed blade knife. Sheaths not only protect knives, they also protect the people who use them. Sadly, sheaths can take a real beating and sometimes a replacement is needed. If you are looking for an aftermarket knife sheath, there are a lot of different options available. Different sheath systems offer different benefits, so it is important to understand what different sheaths can offer before making a purchase.


Leather sheaths are one of the most common sheaths options available. Leather has been used to construct sheaths for thousands of years and remains one of the best materials for the job. Leather sheaths are strong and durable, yet gentle on blades. You can find a wide range of leather sheaths for small and large fixed blade knives. Pouch style leather sheaths are a great option because they can usually fit a wide range of knife models, as long as the blade is within the correct size range. Leather sheaths will require occasional maintenance in order to keep them from drying out or absorbing too much moisture, but many see this as a small price to pay for the classic look and feel of leather.


Plastic sheaths are a great budget option for knife owners. Unlike leather sheaths, most plastic sheaths are designed to be model specific. They are made using plastic injection molding, a process where liquid plastic is formed in a mold to a specific size and shape. Despite being model specific, many plastic knives will feature rivet holes that make them compatible with a wide range of sheath backers and other MOLLE compatible systems.


Nylon sheaths are a great option for users who want a flexible, tactical sheath system. Nylon sheaths are made from woven plastic fibers, making them extremely strong and resilient. Many feature a simple pouch design with a belt loop and straps to securely hold the handle in place while in transit. Nylon sheaths hold their shape well and they can handle a lot of abuse, making them a great option for almost any user


Kydex sheaths are one of the latest innovations in the world of sheath construction. Kydex is a thermoplastic sheeting material originally designed for use in the construction of Airplane interiors. This strong, rigid plastic can be heated and formed to a variety of shapes. Once cooled before its working temperature, the material will stabilize and hold its shape.

Kydex sheaths are made by heating two sheets of Kydex and clamping them around a knife blade using a soft material like foam or rubber to assist in molding the material around the blade. Once the Kydex has cooled, it can be riveted together and cut to size in order to create a strong and resilient sheath. Because Kydex sheaths are modeled to fit a blade’s shape, they are usually a model specific sheath option much like plastic sheaths. The rivet holes can also be used to attach the sheath to a sheath backer or another carry accessory.

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