Are You Keen to Have These 15 of Taylor Swift’s Hairstyles?

It’s difficult to miss that Taylor Swift’s hair expertly conveys her dynamic persona. Despite her unwavering affection for the bangs she truly customized, the singer is never hesitant to change up her look. 

Most importantly, she consistently achieves enviable success with whatever changes she pursues. As she is everyone’s favorite star and has such iconic hairstyles, we’ve compiled the most notable hairstyles she has to offer! Check them out and get motivated to change your wardrobe.

Choppy Bob With Bangs

Taylor Swift’s bleached hair was one of the many shocks that the colorful and boisterous Coachella 2016 has in store for music fans. Taylor chose to wear an airy short bob with her brand-new, sassy tint because its choppy layers offered her hair a lot of movement and made the new color look chic and natural.

Low Side Ponytail

Let’s return to Taylor with the long hair from 2011. Here, she opted for something relatively straightforward, but she still knew how to maximize a well-known haircut. To give the crown greater support, the pony is fashioned to the side. Her lengthy fringe also beautifully frames her forehead even if it doesn’t touch her face.

French Twist Updo With Bangs

The simplicity and elegance of Taylor Swift’s updo hairstyles are wonderfully complemented by one another. She gave her soft French twist a special touch by letting her favored bangs fall just past her eyebrows. She changed the traditional in this way while still making it accentuate her face form.

Long Style With Full Fringe

Taylor Swift’s natural-looking, wheat-like hair color has significantly shifted throughout her career. She did, however, mostly stick to her natural tone. Her long fringe and voluminous, flawlessly straight hairdo highlight the beauty of her hair while also allowing the accents to brighten up her appearance.

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Updo With Headband Braids

Taylor Swift has never had trouble styling her short hair in pretty updos! She prefers milkmaid braids, halo braids, and headband braids when she wants to seem delicate and fun but yet maintain her short to medium hair length.

Updo Hollywood Waves

One of those iconic Taylor Swift hairstyles for short to medium-haired women that they must try in their lifetime is undoubtedly this one. Nothing is better than timeless pieces that look good on everyone, as Taylor’s stylists are aware. Her long fringe awesomely blends the style, softly framing her face as the waves gently flow to the back and twist into an updo.

Wavy Lob With Side Bang

Because of how the bangs are lifted, this wavy lob haircut should be called the Taylor Swift haircut. The most striking aspect of the look is how her charges merge with the rest of her hair. So this is an example of how amazing a woman may appear with a customized haircut.

Sleek Shoulder Length Bob With Side Fringe

This shoulder-length bob has nothing to do with Taylor Swift’s earlier short hairstyles. The best part is that the look is more complicated than the hair first appears to be: soft layers help her achieve a flawless sleekness, and bangs meld well with her lustrous chevelure.

Chin Length Blunt Bob

This is very Taylor: chin-length bob, big bangs, and scorching red lipstick. The singer enjoys change but also likes to appear chic and natural. She can frame her face with this one-length cut’s gorgeous round contour while the classic bangs act as a calling card. It is unquestionably another popular celebrity haircut that will always stay in style.

Low Wavy Pony

Taylor Swift’s long hair wouldn’t look as distinctive and enjoyable without the appeal of her bangs. Again, everything about this look is pretty simple. But, how her long fringe transitions into full, vibrant waves transform a ponytail into a red-carpet style.

Side Layered Bangs

She has almost certainly flaunted her bangs, so they might be easily regarded as Swift’s characteristic hairdo. This time, she makes the decision to trim her bangs in various length layers and push them to the side, which, when worn with a ponytail pulled to the nape of the neck, creates a polished and dapper look. Taylor frequently wears solid theatrical makeup, which perfectly matches her understated hairdo.

Low Pony With Thick Bangs

Here’s another example of how Taylor pulls off a cute ponytail with bangs. Because she has so much hair, the singer can wear thick bangs—which she now prefers to wear curled—without sacrificing the density of her hair. Taylor simply runs her fingers through the remaining hair to push it all back and secures it in a low ponytail. She keeps a few strands loose to give her haircut an effortless feel.

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Long Straight Styling With Arched Bang

Combining curves and straight lines results in a very balanced appearance. T-Swizz chooses arched bangs and straightens the rest of her hair. Although straightforward, this haircut looks opulent and magnificent. 

Of course, the pop star’s stunning overall appearance, including her dramatic makeup and provocative white clothing, contributes to it. The perfect hairstyle, however, completes the appearance’s superiority.

Hollywood Waves

Classic Hollywood waves are the best style to sport on the red carpet. Although this haircut has a slightly retro vibe, Taylor updates it by making the locks less taut than they should be. In addition to her brilliant pink cosmetics, she has a modern twist to her appearance. Taylor chooses side bangs with the hairdo, which flirtatiously hides her eye and seamlessly blends into the rest of her hair.

Low Twisted Updo

Nobody else can perfectly capture a bygone aesthetic to appear fashionable rather than dated. The singer selects a chic low twisted updo with pieces of chopped bangs to go with the vintage lilac dress with lace and ruffles. 

TayTay has highlights in her hair to give it more definition and assertiveness. Yet, an ear cuff that adorns her helix makes the appearance’s modernism obvious. 

You saw Taylor Swift’s most well-liked hairstyles, which ladies worldwide admire. Now that you know that only some celebrity hairstyles require a lot of skill try re-creating one of the trends from today for a fresh, fashionable appearance.


We just saw 15 of Taylor Swift’s hot hairstyles. If you don’t have long or thick hair, you can get all of her hairstyles by using hair extensions or wigs. 

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FAQ: Taylor Swift’s Hair

Is Taylor Swift’s hair dyed?

Tylor Swift has dyed her hair in the past, but she doesn’t do it regularly. Taylor would rather not jeopardize her hair’s health. When she debuted a platinum bob in 2016, she was at her most audacious.

What does Taylor Swift do to her hair?

Taylor demonstrated in one of her interviews how her hair naturally straightened and took on an entirely new texture. The Bad Blood singer said she had wished for straight hair her entire adolescence, and she now had it.

What face shape is Taylor Swift?

The face of Taylor Swift is stunningly round.