Are You Concerned About Your Child’s School Admission in Pune? Follow These Rules!


After a long pandemic was attending school through physical classes was closed for about a year-and-a-half, schools in many parts of India have reopened. School Admission in Pune has also commenced for the academic year 2022-23.

Maharashtra education minister Varsha Gaikwad has given permission to all schools/colleges to start physical classes for students studying in 8th to 12th standards in urban areas and 5th to 12th standards in rural areas respectively.

The reopening of schools was necessary to ensure that no student suffers any further learning loss.

If you are among the parents who are looking for new admission for your child or thinking of changing schools, then it is the right time to take the first step to secure your child’s future. You can begin the process by researching more on some of the Best CBSE Schools in Pune.

Though the school admission procedure will not have changed much it still is imperative to find a suitable school much in advance. Once you have a few options, to begin with,  the rest of the process becomes a little easy. So here are a few things you need to check:-

Rules To Follow for School Admissions in Pune


This is a no-brainer, but you should consider your child’s learning capabilities, their learning styles, what are your expectations, or what is it that your child wants to pursue in the future. 

CBSE is considered to be the best syllabus in India as it is in line with international standards. A CBSE curriculum in the  Best CBSE School in Pune will be beneficial to provide your child a solid foundation to take up professional courses in India or abroad.

School Location

Look for a school that is closer to your home to ensure that your child doesn’t have to spend hours of travel time to and from school.


Having the basic facilities such as spacious classrooms, good hygienic washrooms, and canteen with good quality food and drinking water has become a necessity. 

Apart from that, a school should also provide facilities in terms of computer labs, science labs, arts, and music auditoriums, and sports grounds to ensure that children are being catered to with 21st-century learning facilities.

Fee structure

Choosing a school that fits in your budget without compromising on educational needs is a must.

Covid-19 guidelines

This is a new thing that every parent needs to consider for a few years or maybe henceforth while taking a new admission. Enquire what restrictions or rules children need to follow and how schools are maintaining safety protocols etc. 

Having a fully vaccinated staff and teachers is one of the best measures the school can take to keep your child safe,  so do enquire about it. 

Once the basic things are met, compare Best CBSE School in Pune by talking to parents and students who attend that particular school and visiting the school campus to have a chat with the teachers and the counselors. 

Once finalized, and after your child has been selected, do not waste time applying for admission.

Admission Process for the Best CBSE Schools in Pune

The process of School Admission in Pune for most of the good schools is the same while some minor rules may differ depending on the school.

  • Online Application
  • Counselling & Assessment
  • Pay Registration Fee
  • Pay Admission and Term fees
  1. Parents need to fill the online form of the interested school and their team will get in touch to provide the required information for the admission process. If you are not comfortable filling up online details you can have a face to face meeting and understand the requirements better. You can even clear all your doubts with the admission counsellors.
  2. Assessment team will carry out your child’s test on the given date to gauge the child’s knowledge.
  3. And then comes the final submission, where you have to submit documents as per the school’s requirement


  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Child’s Recent Passport Size Photo
  • Medical Certificate

After the final check, parents will get the confirmation via email where the details of fees that need to be paid are given along with the final date. You can reserve your child’s seat by paying the admission fees and the security deposit at the earliest.

Important things to note:-

As a parent, one of the biggest challenges you will be facing is to manage and let your child be safe when they go to school again.

  • Even though children have gotten into the habit of following basic hygiene, encourage them to wash their hands and wear masks regularly.
  • Build your child’s immune system by providing them with a balanced diet which will help them develop a robust immune system to fight off illnesses. 
  • It is always better when parents guide and answer children’s questions and put their fears to rest.
  • Choose a school that shows the details of vaccinated staff and teachers or follows social distancing, proper hygiene services and has primary doctor care facilities.


Going back to school or going through the school admission process has created a new way of seeing things and also added a new set of worries for parents. Schools now should have equal importance between the education, health, and safety of all students.

As the School Admission in Pune has started for the academic year 2022-23,  book your child’s seat at the earliest and find them a school that will cater to all their needs.

Sunil Kumarr

Sunil is an Indian Blogger, a contributor that likes writing & covering topics in General for 5 more years now.