Are You Concerned About Gaining Weight During Quarantine? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Ever since the world went under a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a whole new set of challenges have come about that disrupts the daily routine of millions of people worldwide. Not only is it affecting mental and physical health, but it has also led to a significant cause of weight gain, contributing to the “Quarantine 15.” If you are too concerned with weight gain, the best solutions are to adapt gradual changes into your daily routine or consume flavour powder as food supplicants. Follow this article to know about the possible causes of weight gain and some simple strategies that will help you maintain a moderate weight.

Causes of Weight Gain

Here are a few most common causes that have led to a weight gain in most people during the lockdown period. 

Rise in Stress

This has been the primary cause of weight gain in most people. Stress can be induced due to financial problems, family or friend groups deaths, overwork, etc. Many people start consuming more junk food during stressful situations. Stress also makes people less motivated to work out or exercise. All of this leads to excess weight gain.

Mental Health Issue

Mental health factors such as depression, loneliness or anxiety is a major cause for stress. Researchers have found that loneliness or anxiety attacks and depression are indeed major causes of weight gain. People lack the motivation to stay fit or go out. Many people also inculcate in “emotional eating”, thus leading to more weight gain. 

Sedentary Lifestyle

Due to various parks, gyms or swimming pools, many people are now forced to stay indoors. On top of that, stress and mental health issues also contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle every day in most people now. All of this leads to excess weight gain. 

How to Lose Weight?

You may have tried going for various solutions such as exercising, substituting food with various health drinks in natural flavours, walking, etc. But it is very important to follow a specific plan of action and diet to get efficient results. Follow these tips t get a specific plan of action. 


There are many exercises for which you do not need to hit the gym and perform in your own home’s safety. These activities include yoga, weight exercises or simply walking or running or slow jogging around the house, on the lawn, terrace or yard. You may also try an online workout program that costs less than gym or class memberships. Moreover, you can choose from a large variety of activities as you’re your needs. You can even look for an online personal trainer (PT) who will provide workout and nutrition plans, motivate you and advise you to reach your goals. 

Another form of very good exercise is dancing. Dance classes are a fun and simple way to stay fit and also lift your mood. Moreover, you can also learn a new art form at the same time!


Nutrition is also the most crucial part of losing weight. If you frequently indulge in comfort food or junk food, losing weight will become even more difficult. Following a proper diet chart is mandatory. Make sure that you drink lots of water and eat home-cooked meals. You may also contact some flavour powder suppliers who supply alternatives to solid food. These powders come in various natural flavours, which makes it easier to consume them. In addition to it, eating vegetables and fruits are also very important. 


Working from home often makes it easy to cast aside the daily routine. But, establishing a schedule and sticking to it is a great way to build self-discipline and stay motivated enough to carry out a normal and healthy life. Small changes in habits like setting alarms to wake up, taking a bath and getting dressed even if you’re working from home, and taking regular breaks throughout the day can help to improve disciple, boost the mood and improve concentration in work. 

Apart from exercising and setting a routine, there is also an interesting way of keeping oneself active. By planning healthy meals and preparing one meal for yourself, you will stick to the diet and lift your spirits. Additionally, contacting your flavour powder suppliers will ensure that you remain responsible enough to stick to the diet. 

Summing Up

Obesity can be a potential threat to many, leading to heart problems, kidney failures or diabetes. That is why it becomes extremely necessary to reduce your weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Working out at home, sticking to a schedule or following a diet chart, including flavour powder health drinks, can be a great way to reduce weight. But whatever you do, always remember that staying happy and at peace is the best medicine of all!