Are You a Bike Lover Planning to Buy Harleys for Sale Brisbane Deals? Check This Out!

Quality is something that bike makers like Harley live up to. That’s what makes them stand out from all the other brands out there. Famous for their smooth handling and comfortable ride, you will never go wrong with a Harley. As long as you know how and where to purchase legit Harleys for sale Brisbane models, it won’t be long before you take home this beautiful big bike!

Did you ever wonder what makes Harleys a bit pricey or which Harley is the most popular model? Read on to find out!

Why Are Harleys So Expensive?

Whenever you see a Harley across the street, the first thing that comes to your mind is its glorious history. It’s not just a bike crafted to suit your expensive taste. You are not only paying for the name but a brand that guarantees quality and a brand that can last through the years. Its long and colourful history is proof of that.

When you buy Harleys for sale Brisbane dealers offer, there is that silent assurance that you are buying a reliable product. It is a premium brand and over the years, it has increased its quality standards by implementing more stringent guidelines.

What Is The Most Popular Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

Below are the top five Harley bikes that made it to our list.

#1: The Street Glide and Street Glide Special

It takes the top spot this year as the most popular Harley motorcycle. Its sleek, all-black finish makes it stand out. Harley enthusiasts love its power hidden beneath its sleek finish.

#2: Road Glide Special

The second spot goes to Road Glide Special with its 114 cubic inch Milwaukee Eight motor. It offers about 163 Nm of torque, giving you the confidence that it can take you even in tight spaces.

#3: Iron 883 & Iron 1200

Taking the 3rd spot is this all-time fave of amateur and seasoned riders. You sometimes hear riders calling it the starter Harley-Davidson offering a nice and charming ride around the town. 

#4: Tri-Ultra Glide Classic

This 4th spot goes to this three-wheeled baby. It has ample storage space that allows you to bring a lot of stuff while on the road. You will love how stable and comfortable it is, thanks to its three wheels and Boom! Box GTS Infotainment system. It also has traction control and comes in various colours.

#5: Low Rider S

Sitting at the fifth spot is this chopper-style lowrider model. With its 2-into-2 offset shotgun mufflers, you can expect a velvety sound that fits its black colour. The Harley Davidson Breakout for sale Qld dealers offer is the modern version of this bike. 

What Is the Best Harley Davidson Motorcycle for Beginners?

If you are new to riding a Harley, choose a bike that is budget-friendly and beginner-friendly as well. If it’s your first time trying out Harleys for sale Brisbane dealers offer, go for those that are easy to handle. Here is a shortlist to get you started:

1. The SuperLow – This is one of the most popular models for beginners because it is easy to handle and affordable, not to mention great styling.

2. The Street 500 – With its lightweight frame and contemporary look, the Street 500 offers a lot of power and allows you to manoeuvre around congested roads. It also has a liquid cooling ability that helps the engine perform flawlessly during heavy traffic.

3. The Iron 883 – If you are looking for a bike with classic lines and a blacked-out frame, engine and an exhaust that is pleasing to the eyes, then this is your bike of choice. The engine is capable of giving you the power you need when you cruise an open road.

4. The Street 750 – If you want a larger engine than the Street 500 but need better styling, maneuverability and weight, then Street 750 is the bike you need. This is a cool upgrade for riders who are looking for more power. 

Key Takeaway

Going home with a new Harley is what bike lovers dream of. Whether you are buying the Street 750 or Harley Breakout for sale Qld model, visiting the nearest dealer is the best decision you will ever make. Or you can check out our blog for more options.


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