Are Volleyball Shoes Good for Running?

No matter if you are a volleyball player or a runner you need a good pair of shoes to give the best out of yourself. But are you one of them who want to use single pair of shoes both for running and playing volleyball? Then you are in the right place. Let’s dive deep into it and find are volleyball shoes good for running? 

Although, it looks like there is not much difference between the surfaces of both the volleyball courts and running tracks as they have the same design. However, what looks are not the truth always. The surfaces of these sport are very different and using a shoe for a multipurpose task might not be a good idea. 

Why volleyball shoes are popular is because of it’s extra traction and thick midsole. But volleyball and running both provide comfort while using it, then why don’t one can’t wear volleyball shoes while running? Well, there are many differences between these shoes as both of them are made for a specific purpose to provide comfortable performance, let’s discuss this. 

Are volleyball shoes the same as running shoes?

As the name suggests, volleyball shoes are meant to use on their court while running shoes are made for running on tracks or concrete surfaces. The volleyball shoes provide different support and possess different characteristics which will hurt your feet when running several miles.  

The main point of differentiation between a volleyball shoe and a running shoe is the weight and the sole. As the volleyball shoes are generally lighter in weight to provides a faster and promote sudden movements. On the other hand, running shoes are provided with more cushioning and support to bear shocks and explosives. Let’s discuss the weight and sole factors in brief. 


Running shoes are designed in such a way to provide a single directional movement for a long distance with any sudden movements. And for this, they have a thick and heavy heel to provide proper cushioning and comfort while impact. While talking about volleyball shoes, they have more cushioning especially for the toes and outer foot part as these are the only parts to absorb shocks and impacts while jumps and taking sudden movements. 

Volleyball usually has rubber gum soles that do not have markings because of the reason to provide ultimate freedom of movement to take sudden turns and steps while playing on a wooden floor. Rubber soles in it provide to control traction in a better way. The rubber gum in these shoes is quite different than an ordinary one. The design provides it a half-transparent look. For a good pair of running shoes, you need to search for a shoes which can tolerate different surfaces while providing you the required comfort and support and therefore it uses a regular rubber and not a rubber gum. 


In a volleyball game, players need to take sudden movements while with jumping and sprinting as compared to other athletes who require stability and support on the ground. Therefore volleyball shoes are made lighter with the materials like mesh and synthetic leather. While running shoes are made heavier than volleyball with a thick sole and more cushioning to absorb shocks on the track. 


Shoes for volleyball are designed and made to promote easy side-to-side sudden movements with proper support to the ball of the foot. While running shoes do not have much support on the ball of the foot as running involves sprinting in a single direction without any sudden turn or any movements. 


Be it volleyball or running, proper gear should be the top priority of the player. All the Shoes are designed for a specific purpose in that specific field only. So using a volleyball shoe on a running track may cause injury. Using a single pair of shoes on multiple tracks will also cause frequent replacement of them in long-term usage. The basic purpose of shoes is to provide comfort and support in the area of work, but the volleyball and running shoes are surely different from each other. 


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