Are There Any Safety Concerns In Selling Photos Online?

Have you decided to sell photos online? Do you want to make money from your hobby? Do you want to build a good online portfolio by selling photos online? Do you want to improve your photographer profile visibility? All these are possible and there are number of platforms that you could use to achieve these goals. If you are interested in getting your name out there and start gaining some traction to your portfolio you should make sure that you are dealing this task with utmost caution. Here are some of the most common areas that require your attention.


Do not select the platforms where you could sell photos in a random fashion. It is important that you select these platforms with extreme caution. You will be uploading some of your priced collections and you do not want to lose them to dubious elements online. Before you upload even a single photo, you should invest enough time to review the reputation of the website.


Before uploading you should check what are the terms and conditions with regard to the copyrights. You should make sure that you are not forfeiting your copyrights just by uploading your photos to a particular network.


When you decide to sell photos online, you should find out whether the online platform that you are selecting charges you any fee. There are two models here – some websites charge you upfront fee as subscription fee and others charge you when you make a sale. You should review the payment terms and see what works well for you. Initially, when you are getting started, it is likely to be useful for you to go with sale based payment model and when you start selling more photos then you could switch to websites that charge monthly or annual subscriptions. The bottom line is that you should spend the least amount of money possible on these networks or platforms.


Do the photos selling platform attract enough traffic? If they do not attract any traffic then there is no use investing your time to upload the photos online. Only when there is enough traffic you will be able to hire the best customers and the whole exercise would prove to be useful.


Look for reputed platforms so that your work is not associated with some dubious networks. All these factors are important when it comes to building your online profile. When you become popular over a period of time, you should not have these dubious networks sticking out with the work you uploaded in the past. You need to be cautious right from the start. This will certainly prove to be useful to take a cautious approach rather than feeling sorry down the line.


All the factors discussed above are very much within your control. You will not run into issues down the line if you are cautious right from the start. You can make a lot of money and also increase your profile visibility selling photos online.