Are The Babies Born With IVF Treatment Normal or Born With Birth Defects?

IVF is already a prevailing process for infertility treatment that is successful too. If you are planning to proceed with the IVF procedure, then you are on the right track. There is no point in doubting the treatment process. If you are afraid due to the myth of risk to the life of the mother and the child, then you shall know that IVF is one of the safe and secure methods of treatment.

It is useful both for the mother and the child. There is no reason for the worry. If congenital disabilities bother you, then you would be surprised to know the percentage of birth-defects is higher in kids born through regular fertilisation over IVF procedure.

Apart from that, another thing that might concern you before planning to undergo IVF is the cost of medical procedure. So, as a matter of fact, IVF Treatment Cost in India is highly affordable. It is minimum compared to any other part of the world. In short, undergoing the IVF treatment in India ensures benefits both in terms of life and money.

Possibility of Defects After an IVF Treatment in Child:

There is over one per cent possibility that a child born with IVF procedure can suffer from a birth defect. If we talk about the numeric terms for the precision, one in every hundred children might have the possibility to suffer from congenital disabilities. These disorders are minor in most of the cases, and curable too.

However, it is better to opt for prevention rather than availing the cure. So, as a precautionary measure, the patient must first check the reviews of the doctor and the treatment centre before finalising. The results of the treatment highly depend on the experience and expertise of the doctor performing the surgery. Higher the knowledge of the professional, higher is the chances of receiving satisfactory results from the treatment procedure.

Apart from that, the chances of defects in the child are higher in the case of multiple births. So, the experienced doctors do not place all the resultant zygote in the uterus. Some of the fertilised ova are preserved for the second cycle of IVF if the first one is a failure. In short, the doctors use the number of fertilised eggs necessary for the success of the IVF cycle, and to avoid the risk of life to the mother and the child.

Final Words:

You can avail the IVF procedure without any complications. All you have to do for success is to be careful and stressfree. Plan your IVF procedure in India, as the chances of success of treatment are very high and the probability of failure is very low. Apart from that, the visitors get the added cost benefits. It is because the Cost of IVF Procedure in India is between USD 4,500 to 8,000 which is approximately eight to ten times lower than other countries across the globe.