Are SARMs Safe? Everything You Need to Know

According to one study, about .5% of the population in the United States say that they have used anabolic steroids.

If you’ve thought about using steroids, you may have also heard about SARMs while doing some research. But are SARMs safe or even legal to use?

Thankfully, we break down everything right here for you, so make sure you keep reading!

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Steroids vs SARMs

People have used steroids because steroids will help increase their muscle development, which is great for people who have been doing strength training.

And let’s face the fact that steroids for sale are more popular than SARMs.

However, steroids have all kinds of nasty side effects, and most doctors don’t recommend taking them. If men take steroids, they may experience side effects like shrinking testicles, breast development, acne, or an enlarged prostate.

If women take them, they could experience a larger clitoris, acne, and abnormal body hair. However, overall, steroids could leave you with liver damage, a bigger risk of a heart attack, and blood clots.

SARMs were created to potentially offer the same benefits but be safer than steroids. However, the research on them is still fairly new.

While no SARMs have ever reached the final approval stage in clinical trials, many experts say that the early research is promising.

Are SARMs Legal?

SARMs are legal for now. Because of this, so many companies have jumped on the SARMs trend to try and meet the customers’ expectations.

Even though SARMs haven’t fully been tested, the companies will put disclaimers on their website to warn customers of what they’re buying. In the United States, some regulators have been trying to make SARMs harder to get.

The FDA in particular is worried about companies taking advantage of this new drug and not educating their customers about how little research has been done on it.

You should also keep this in mind if you’re an athlete who is participating in official sporting events. You should really make sure you read all of the labels to make sure that you’re not taking any prohibited substances. If you were using SARMs before your competition, you would likely be disqualified.

While there are companies that try to sell SARMs to consumers, there are many other labs that sell them only to be used for research purposes. If you’re interested in purchasing SARMs for research studies, learn more about Umbrella Labs.

SARMs Benefits

Some studies have shown that SARMs might be beneficial in treating chronic wasting disorders. These are disorders like aging or cancer.

Other studies have shown that it could also help improve cholesterol levels. Scientists also noticed that it had the potential to increase the available amount of bioavailable testosterone. This is something that many people are trying to achieve through steroids, but scientists aren’t sure what the long-term effects of using SARMS would be.

Some studies have discovered that they might offer other benefits when treating other debilitating diseases. However, all of the experts claim that they need more studies to ensure that the medications are effective and also safe to use.

SARMs Side Effects

Because none of the studies have made it to the final trials, the side effects that people report are only anecdotal.

You can find all kinds of online forums where people will report having strength gains. However, some of them also report having higher blood pressure, random skin rashes, and sexual impotence.

Others also report having problems with their eyesight. They have problems seeing, but some of them also see yellow or green tinges or filters in their vision.

SARMs Safety

Because there is more research needed on how effective or dangerous SARMs could be, it may not be safe for use yet. If you do consider taking it, always make sure that you talk with your doctor or another medical professional.

They will be able to guide you on the right path. For example, SARMs aren’t approved by the FDA yet, but they would be able to let you know if and when they are approved.

However, even though they haven’t been deemed as safe, many people still continue to use them.

The FDA actually sent out a statement to warn people about the dangers of SARMs. They said that they’re worried about companies selling the dangerous ingredients that have SARMs in them. They reiterated that these were not approved by the FDA because they want to do more research on it.

They said that it could increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke. It may even cause liver damage just like steroids do.

However, that statement doesn’t stop a lot of companies from selling other products that have SARMs in them. For example, they may market it as a dietary supplement, but you should always make sure that you read the nutrition label on the drug. Some of them contain SARMs.

In fact, some research on these products has shown that about half of the ingredients in some of these products were actually SARMs!

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So are SARMs safe? The short answer is no, you should stay away from them until they are approved by the FDA or until more research is done on them.

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