Are roller shutters safe?

If your building has roller shutters, then it will be protected from any break-in attempts and your valuables will remain untouched. This is what you’re promised, right? But is it actually true? Roller shutters are often made of sturdy, galvanised steel that offers ultimate protection from any strain that may be placed upon them, making them an option you can be confident in to keep your premises secure whilst unattended.

There’s a reason why they’re so popular after all!

In this blog post, we delve a little deeper into the safety of roller shutters, how they can keep your building protected from a variety of hazards and if they pose any dangers themselves!

Keeping your premises secure

If you’ve ever seen roller shutters in Manchester or elsewhere before, it’ll likely be at night or early morning when a business is out of hours. The vast majority of robberies occur when a building is left unattended. But with roller shutters present, a barrier is formed that can only be removed with a key. For many years now, this form of security has proven to be very effective, with the tough, long-lasting metal performing admirably when placed under strain.

The durability of the metal can also help to catch vandals and burglars in the act, as it creates a loud, sharp noise upon impact – drawing attention to the scene.

Withstanding fire

One lesser-known benefit of roller shutters is their ability to keep fires controlled. There are specific fire rated shutters that are built to keep fires limited to specific rooms, should the event ever occur, but standard fire shutters can delay the spread of a fire enough to evacuate the building. Of course, automatic or remote-controlled shutters would be preferable here, so you can quickly close them without wasting valuable time if the building needs to be cleared as soon as possible.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will benefit from a valuable addition that will greatly enhance your safety in the event of a fire.

Withstanding impact

The main reason why building owners opt for roller shutters is to protect them from damage or a break-in. If a person is trying to gain unauthorised access to a property, then they may attempt to use force to gain entry, before seizing valuable items and fleeing. However, thanks to their strength and durability, roller shutters can endure heavy impact and keep entry points secure.

This should give you peace of mind that you’re investing in a reliable and strong security solution, that will be able to last even when placed under immense strain.

Potential hazards to consider

Of course, roller shutters help promote safety and security, but they can also pose a number of hazards – which are worth keeping in mind. There have been cases of injury reported in the past where roller shutters have closed with people underneath. So, ensuring the surrounding area is clear when the shutters are being operated is vital.

You should also be cautious when opening the shutter.  If someone happens to be leaning against a roller shutter as it starts to rise, they can become trapped, which can also result in potentially serious injuries. If you discover any faults with your system, you should invest in expert roller shutter repairs in Manchester to avoid any potential hazards.

Do you need high-quality roller shutters?

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