Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Your Hands?

Whether you’re a typist, gamer, or simply looking for a keyboard that can stand up to your heavy use, there are several factors to consider before buying. This includes an ergonomic design, comfortable wrist pads and reduced wrist travel.The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a mechanical keyboard is the type of switch it uses. There are three main types: linear, tactile and clicky.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of mechanical keyboard is a critical factor in their effectiveness. The right one can make typing more comfortable and prevent wrist pain.The ergonomic design considers how a product will fit a user’s size, shape, and abilities. It also takes into account their health, safety and well-being.Ergonomic products need to be comfortable, easy to use and enjoyable. This ensures the consumer has a positive experience using the product and is not put through any unnecessary stress or hassle.

The most common ergonomic design is the split keyboard, which allows you to keep your hands and wrists in a more natural position. Many keyboards also support tenting (a raised part in the middle) and negative tilt, which reduces the downward strain on the wrists and elbows. A mechanical keyboard is a type of computer keyboard that uses individual mechanical switches for each key. Unlike traditional rubber dome keyboards, which rely on a single rubber dome to register each key press, mechanical keyboards have a separate switch for each key that provides tactile and audible feedback when the key is pressed.

Comfortable wrist pads

An ergonomic keyboard with a comfortable wrist rest is a significant investment if you’re prone to wrist strains or injuries. It forces you to sit in a more neutral position at your desk, reducing the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome or other problems caused by repetitive stress injury.Wrist rests for mechanical keyboards are designed to relieve pressure on your hands, which is especially helpful for those who spend a lot of time typing or playing video games on their keyboards. Most of these wrist rests are made from soft materials, like memory foam or padded leatherette, so they’ll be more comfortable than the hard surfaces that keyboards usually come with.

JEDIA’s Keyboard Wrist Rest is a natural but effective product for small work areas. It’s narrower than most wrist rests on the market and has an anti-slip silicone base that minimizes sliding. It also has rows of “massage holes” along its top, which improve ventilation and promote a more comfortable typing experience. The mechanical switches in a keyboard can be further divided into different types, each with its own unique feel and characteristics. Some of the most common switch types include Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue, as well as Kailh, Razer, and Gateron switches. Each switch type has its own distinct feel, actuation force, and travel distance, allowing users to find a switch that is comfortable for them.

Reduced wrist travel

A mechanical keyboard can offer several notable benefits depending on the switch technology at play. One of the most significant is reduced wrist travel, which can be an essential consideration for those with arthritis or other debilitating hand issues. Most mechanical keyboards will boast ten per cent less essential travel than their standard membrane counterparts. They offer improved typing accuracy and speed. The individual switches in a mechanical keyboard provide more tactile feedback than a traditional rubber dome keyboard, allowing users to better feel when a key has been activated. This can help prevent mistakes and increase typing speed, as users don’t have to guess whether they’ve hit the key hard enough to register the key press.

The best mechanical keyboards also come with a few nifty features that are not found in most of their competitors. The most impressive is a clever software tool that lets you fine-tune the actuation point (how far up a key you need to press it for it to register) by as much as a full millimetre, with some models even offering multi-keystroke functionality for added versatility. The best mechanical keyboards aren’t just for the desktop; they also make great mobile companions. Lastly, the best ones can be found for under $100. The K-series from Keychron is our pick for the most affordable high-end keyboard that won’t break the bank.

Increased speed

If you want to increase your typing speed, buying a keyboard with mechanical switches is a good option. These keyboards are usually more expensive than membrane ones, but they are also better for your hands.The key switch of a mechanical keyboard is made from two metal contacts. When you press down on a key, the stem of the switch goes down and makes two electrical contacts to register the actuation point.However, the key can sometimes bounce back from one of those two contacts, generating several signals that are not always recognizable. This hysteresis happens more often in mechanical switches than membrane keys.

To prevent this from happening, mechanical keyboards feature denouncing technology. This means that the spring that presses down on the keycap can be repositioned, and the switch can be repositioned too. This way, it will not bounce back and deactivate the key. They’re often more customizable than traditional rubber dome keyboards. Many mechanical keyboards allow users to switch out the keycaps for different colors, fonts, and designs, or even to modify the key switches themselves. This allows users to personalize their keyboard to better fit their preferences and style.


Mechanical keyboards do offer a number of benefits over traditional rubber dome keyboards, including improved typing accuracy, durability, and customization. However, whether a mechanical keyboard is better for your hands depends largely on the individual user and their specific needs and preferences. Before purchasing a mechanical keyboard, it’s important to consider the switch type, actuation force, and travel distance, as well as the cost and any potential ergonomic concerns. With the right mechanical keyboard, users can enjoy improved typing accuracy and comfort, but it’s important to find the right keyboard that works for you.