Are Kitchen Cabinet Wraps Good?

Vinyl wrapping is a modern alternative to conventional kitchen renovation. But, when it comes to cabinets, is vinyl wrapping good? If yes, how does it prove advantageous? Or, is it better to stick to conventional renovation? Smart Wrap, one of the market leaders for kitchen cabinet vinyl wraps, answers these questions through this blog.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Wrapping?

At the outset, let us understand what kitchen cabinet wrapping is. Of course, the answer is apparent. But, let us understand what kitchen cabinet wrapping is, in short. Kitchen cabinet wrapping is usually done when the owner looks forward to kitchen renovation. The vinyl wrapping process involves sticking plastic coating onto raw MDF cabinets, drawers, and doors. It gives a polished and shinier look to the kitchen.

What are the Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Wraps?

From cost-effectiveness, durability to improved aesthetics, wrapping kitchen cabinets into vinyl has several benefits. Let us now look at some of the advantages of kitchen cabinet wraps.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to complete renovation that may involve several complexities and expensive changes to the kitchen, kitchen cabinet vinyl wrap proves a cost-effective option. It does not demand any layout changes, etc., to the kitchen and hence is less expensive.
  2. Vinyl Wrapping is Quick: A traditional renovation job may take days and even weeks to complete depending on the volume of the work. However, vinyl wrapping does not take as long. Even the largest of kitchen spaces can be wrapped in a single day.
  3. Vinyl is Durable: Durability is another element that drives many people toward kitchen cabinet vinyl wrapping these days. The coat is thick and hence offers protection from flaking, cracking, etc. Besides, the availability of wrap in multiple colors forms another reason to choose vinyl wraps.
  4. Easy Maintenance: Wrapping kitchen cabinets in vinyl is easy to maintain. You only have to clean it regularly to maintain the aesthetics.
  5. Minimized Damage Risk: Positioning kettles and other electrical or heat/ moisture-generating appliances away from the cabinets can protect the coating and retain the looks.

Is it Still Good to Stick to Traditional Kitchen Renovation?

It isn’t that traditional renovation isn’t good or shouldn’t be done. Of course, should you intend to make layout changes or higher degree modifications to the kitchen or want a complete kitchen makeover, you may choose to renovate. However, if you want your kitchen to look as classy and visually appealing as it would after renovating it, you always have vinyl wrapping as a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. In other words, with kitchen vinyl wrapping as an option, you can transform your kitchen and enjoy its brand new look.

Smart Wrap – The Top Service Provider for Kitchen Cabinet Wraps in the UAE

Dubai-based Smart Wrap is a leading company for a residential and commercial wrap in the UAE. Within the residential segment, the company provides complete kitchen and kitchen cabinet vinyl wrapping services.

Smart Wrap uses the best-quality vinyl wrap, ensures an efficient wrapping job, and at the same time assures its clients of excellent finishing. So, now that you know the various aspects and benefits of kitchen cabinet vinyl wrapping connect with Smart Wrap at 052 337 1000.

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