Are HDFC Regalia Credit Card Benefits Better Than The Platinum Credit Card?

HDFC Bank provides a wide range of credit cards for the customers to make their payments easier. Because carrying cash is not safe, and HDFC bank credit cards offer you benefits with full security. From the list of HDFC Bank credit cards, two of the most popular cards are HDFC Bank Regalia and HDFC Platinum credit card. Read this article and find which HDFC credit card benefits are most suitable and affordable, HDFC Regalia credit card benefits or HDFC Platinum Plus.


Compare Rewards of HDFC Platinum card with HDFC Regalia credit card benefits!


The one HDFC credit card who surely wins the reward point race must be the HDFC Regalia credit card. Because the card provides 4 reward points on every INR 150 payment made from the card. On the other hand, HDFC Platinum credit card benefits give you 2 reward points on the same. So, if you want to accumulate more points the HDFC Regalia credit card is suitable for you. 


HDFC Regalia also comes with the best privileges as the cardholder gets 1-year Zomato Gold membership. With the help of this HDFC Regalia credit card benefits, you can get complimentary dishes and drinks at the partnered restaurants. The card comes with a wider acceptance feature and is accepted worldwide, where Visa and Mastercard logo is displayed.


Which card is more affordable?


You can get the HDFC bank regalia credit card at an affordable joining fee of INR 2,500 with GST. It is the one year fee for the customer to give them HDFC Regalia credit card benefits. And to continue it, you need to pay INR 2,500+GST for the second year. The fee will be waived off if you have spent INR 3 lakh in a year. So get the benefits of Regalia on your wallet. You can get the HDFC Platinum credit card benefit at a joining fee of INR 3,999 with GST. The user can pay the fee whether after receiving their card or in the monthly bill cycle. 


How to get my HDFC Regalia credit card benefits?


To enjoy the benefits you need to visit HDFC Bank official website and apply for the card. And to apply for the HDFC bank Regalia credit card, you need to fill up an online application form. It would be easier for the customers who have an existing relation with HDFC Bank. As they can just login to their accounts and apply for the card. You can take help of HDFC Mobilebanking app also to apply for the Regalia or Platinum Plus credit card. 


In the same way you apply for the card using HDFC Bank online service, you can pay for your credit card monthly bills. To make payment for your HDFC Regalia credit card, visit the bank website and pay for it using your debit card. You can take help of the billdesk feature to make payment easier and faster. Just enter your credit card number, email and the amount you need to pay and in less than a few minutes payment would be processed. 


Now, don’t give a second thought between HDFC Regalia and Platinum Plus credit card and apply for them using the online banking service.

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