Are GPS Trackers & Microchip important for My Pet?

Importantly, remember your dog or cat need you to keep him safe after giving them a home. All this trouble can be avoided by installing a microchip or get a tracker which can be attached to the pets’ collar.

It all comes down to you being responsible as their care giver, the love, attention and care is all within your reach.

Without a doubt, a microchip is helpful and can be of good importance if your pet needs first aid immediately. Subsequently, ensure to update his/her information regularly. As much as one gets a microchip for their pet it is not entirely useful to recover her when lost, hence also get a tracker.

Your dog or cat can benefit all round if it has a microchip, an ID tag and a GPS tracker.

Types of Trackers

  • GPS Tracker
  • Bluetooth Trackers

Benefits of GPS Tracker

1. It is more reliable than an ID tag.

An ID tag can fall off when your dog is running or chasing an animal in the neighborhood.

We have trackers that are sturdy and waterproof hence will be always helpful to your pet even during swimming, for instance the Trackimo.

Moreover, they give real time data of pet’s movements and can be accessed through your phone or laptop with advanced technology.

Your cat or dog can run away and if put in a shelter for long without being claimed their life can be ended. According to, dog in certain categories like springer spaniel dog breed might require a GPS dog tracker as they are quite active and you might easily loss track of them on a normal routine walk if they decide to be more adventurous in the wood.

Mostly, if they fall sick, with a tracker you are able to retrieve their movement and get to them quickly. This can save their lives as you are able to give immediate medical care.

2. Convenience

So far the GPS tracker seems to be a favorite of many as it is convenient and keep your pet safe. You are able to monitor your pet location real time and incase of getting lost you can check the historical data stored.

With a GPS tracker you can have geo fence and when your pet goes off you are sent an alert immediately.

Dogs are adventurous and can dig under the fence and escape or just chase after a bird finding themselves away from home. When roaming your pet can be accidentally hit by a moving vehicle or injured, it will be easier to track them if they have a tracker.

3. Real-time location Data

One is able to track their pet’s real time movement through the phone or any internet enabled device.

In case of the dog running away or getting lost one is able to retrieve its movement to his exact location.

4. Unlimited Location

Your dog can wander many kilometers away and still be found. Usually a GPS tracker has a global coverage and you can keep tabs on your dog even when travelling abroad.

Disadvantages of GPS Tracker

1. Operation costs are high.

The GPS tracker needs good infrastructure and due to the use of satellite, it might require you to pay a substantial amount of money for the installation. Some GPS trackers will require a subscription fee which is monthly.

2. Coverage issues

If your dog/cat enters an area with low phone coverage it might be hard to track him down. Unquestionably, this can happen when out hiking or camping in an area with low coverage.

3. Battery Duration.

This can be avoided with proper planning as the battery can last up to 5 days for some, just ensure to charge the tracker to full charge.

Most trackers have a duration of days or weeks so if your pet gets lost for long the charge might finish before getting to them. This can happen to any device that relies on power, not trackers.


GPS trackers offer the best tracking technology and that’s why they are recommended by websites like and vets around the world for your pet’s safety.