Are Ethical Hackers Bad or Good?

The hacker is an expert in IT systems and IT security capable of introducing himself into protected computer networks and in general acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the system on which he intervenes, and then being able to access it or adapt it to his needs. The hacker is the one who “breaks through” in the world of networking. But before going into the specific I think it is very useful to make a clarification: the hacker, in common parlance, is considered “evil”, but it is important that this term is used appropriately and not generalized, as the hacker in itself, it is not only the one who threatens computer systems, a certified Ethical Hacker with CEH training in Middle East helps companies to find the weak points in their security systems.

A simple clarification on who the Hackers are through the analysis of these 5 types of “personalities” will be provided below:

  • White Hat: also known as ethical hackers. White Hat hackers are the “good” guys in the hacker world. Cyber ​​security experts, specialized in penetration tests and other methodologies to ensure that a company’s information systems are secure. They help remove a virus or penetration test in a company. They are generally made with CEH training in Abu Dhabi.
  • Black Hat: also known as crackers, those that by their own ethics damage, are the opposites of white hat. These steal information, money etc.
  • Gray Hat: nothing is ever only black or only white; the same is true in the world of hacking. Hat Gray hackers don’t steal money or information, but they don’t help people even if they could, if they just wanted to.
  • Green Hat: they could be defined as baby hackers, those who want to learn and ask questions to “adults”, to grow and then become like them.
  • Red Hat:Instead of reporting the malicious hacker, they shut it down completely. They use multiple aggressive methods to induce a hacker to even need a new computer.

Chris Morgan

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