Are E-bikes Good for Elderly/Senior Riders

E-biking is quickly becoming a preferred mode of transport in the US for people of all ages. That’s because riding an electric bike is a lot less strenuous than riding a standard bike. The explanation for this is simple. An e-bike uses an electric motor and an assisted pedal operating mode. A sensor detects when you start pedaling the bike and then signals an electric motor to provide just the right amount of pedaling assistance needed. This assisted pedaling makes riding an e-bike feel just like riding a regular bike, but with must less effort needed, eliminating fatigue and exhaustion. If you are someone older with health complications such as arthritis, muscle stiffness, or joint problems, then you might think riding and safely operating a bike would be a big challenge for you. So, for older people who want to give e-biking a try, the following question arises:

Are e-bikes good for elderly/senior riders?


The answer is: Yes! E-bikes are better for elderly/senior riders as they make biking easier, safer, and more enjoyable. They can allow you to get the exercise you need without straining your muscles or joints. But in that case, you need to choose an e-bike with specific features that make it easy to operate. Mokwheel is a startup company specializing in creating intelligent, rider-friendly bicycles. Mokwheel uses cutting-edge technology to come up with innovative solutions that help you move faster, more comfortably, and with less effort. This is great news if you’re an older rider! Mokwheel has just launched its first two e-bikes, the Mokwheel Tor Plus and Upland Plus. These premium electric bikes come with performance and convenience features that make them comfortable, dependable, and easy to operate. So, if you are an older rider wanting to go e-biking, here are some great reasons to give a Mokwheel e-bike a try.

  1. Larger wheels. Larger wheels. Mokwheel’s large all-purpose tires give you extra comfort and stability, making them suitable for seniors who enjoy either commuter, trail, or mountain e-biking. These tires with lots of air volume have more traction for a smooth ride on all types of topography.
  2. Soft seating with extra cushioning. Mokwheel’s e-bike seats perfectly support your bum to help you maintain your balance and keep you from getting sore while riding. These seats are ergonomically designed with the perfect width to give you a great riding experience.
  3. Adjustable suspension fork. When riding on rough roads and rugged terrain, you don’t want every little bump to cause your e-bike to vibrate and your hands to shake. Mokwheel’s e-bikes will allow seniors to ride as smoothly as possible with shock-absorbing suspension forks.
  4. Installed fenders. Mokwheel e-bikes come complemented with front and rear fenders, which are usually an out-of-pocket expense. These will help keep grime from splashing onto your e-bike and grit from becoming lodged in the moving parts, giving seniors a more pleasant riding experience and saving money by prolonging the life of your e-bike’s components. 
  5. Powerful performance and convenience. Mokwheel e-bikes come with a 750W hub motor and a 16Ah lithium-ion battery with a 768W capacity. This is great for seniors since the powerful motor helps you excel riding on all types of terrains and steep inclines, and the batteries give you the convenience of traveling up to 45 miles per charge. Mokwheel batteries also have a quick charging time and can be fully charged in just 6 hours.

When it comes to e-biking for older riders, Mokwheel is tuned in to their needs. Mokwheel makes rider-friendly e-bikes with specific features that provide for a more enjoyable and comfortable ride. These innovative e-bikes help you ride will less effort making them a good option for elderly/senior riders. Currently, Mokwheel has some great ongoing post-launch promotions, allowing you to save $150 on your e-bike purchase! With their ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction and their mission to get people of all ages riding, Mokwheel is the ideal choice for your first or next e-bike purchase.