Are Bobcat Tractors Any Good? 

Bobcat makes compact utility tractors.

The machines are designed to meet the needs of both contractors and property owners. 

Are Bobcat tractors any good really?

Yes. older Bobcat tractors are powerful yet easy to use. They are agile, very versatile, and built to last. The tractors are suitable for landscaping, construction, and farm work. Additionally, they are great for heavy-duty tasks around the home. 

Bobcat Tractors: A Quick Background

Bobcat is a member of the Doosan Group from South Korea. The company is headquartered in North Dakota, where it is one of the top employers of labor. 

In addition to making utility and compact tractors, Bobcat is also a producer of utility cars. The manufacturer recently made a defining move back into the market after being out of the game for a while. 

Features of the Bobcat Tractors

The manufacturer currently boasts 15 models in its tractor lineup. The tractors are categorized based on their horsepower, which ranges from 21 and 58 horsepower. 

The models feature the regular four-wheel-drive pack. This makes it compatible with the extra attachments through a simple mounting system. The extensions include the front-end loader, mid-mount, and the backhoe mower. 

Bobcat tractors are built for an easy turn with a radius of about 96.4 inches. 

They are available in three different categories, including industrial, turf, and agricultural models. 

Most models feature tons of accompanying implements. 

In many cases, the tractors come with a post hole digger, rotary cutter, tiller, angle blade, box blade, and quick hitch. Other additional implements include finish mower, tine rake, rear ballast box, quick hitch, and snowblower. 

While Bobcat tractors mostly look alike (and are designed to resemble the real animal), they are actually two broad types: the compact and subcompact models. 

All tractors designed for garden purposes fall into the sub-compact class, while the utility tractors are compact. 

Types of Bobcat Tractors Available

The 2012 Bobcat CT440

The 2012 Bobcat CT440 is a giant tractor belonging to the horsepower class of 40 and above. 

It weighs about 3847 lbs and is equipped with a 9TL Loader that lets it lift loads of up to 2030 lbs with a maximum height of 112.3 inches. 

The power of this huge tractor comes from the 4-cylinder Daedong liquid-cooled diesel that produces up to 30 horsepower at its initial takeoff. 

Its hydrostatic abilities come in three folds: a low speed of about 39 mph, 0 – 6.7 mph, while the high transmission relates between 16.8 mph. When in reverse gear, it can go up to 11.2 mph. 

The machine has lots of good upgrades. The operator seat is firm and comfortable and comes with a mat fitted with a vibration shock absorber. 

The dual steering brakes on either side allow the machine to turn quickly, while the control joystick for a loader is embedded visibly in the dashboard.

The 2012 Bobcat CT235 HST 

The 2012 Bobcat CT235 HST is one of the models with a lot of class. 

Its weight is about 3056 lbs. It is 122.2-inch long and 55.4-inch wide. The turning radius is 114 inches when applied with brakes.

The tractor is designed with a hydraulic strength that provides 4.3 GPM power to the power steering, and an extra 7.9 GPM for other functions.  

Controlling the tractor is pretty easy. Returning any attachments to their position is a matter of pushing a button. 

This Bobcat model responds to the push of a joystick on the loader stand for increased operator release. 

The controls are well labeled. Plus, many of the controls are in various colors for easy identification. 

The headlights are perfect for use in the daytime and nighttime. 

The CT235 is very reliable even on irregular slopes. It uses a mid-range speed of about 6.4 mph to gain momentum for a seamless operation. 

The 2012 Bobcat CT122 

This machine may be the smallest in the lineup. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in the number of tasks it can handle. 

The tractor is powered by a 3C100LWB three-cylinder diesel engine, giving a horsepower of 16.2. 

It puts up an impressive performance even on challenging landscapes. 

Its in-built two-range transmission with the control tied to the treadle pedal makes it a powerful workhorse. 

Operators can reverse smoothly with the CT122 powerful reverse gear. 

The platform for the operator is nicely furnished, with an easy-to-read dashboard. Some of the indicators found on the dashboard include:

  • An analog tachometer
  • Fuel and temperature analog gauges 
  • Parking brake
  • Oil pressure and turn signals

The operator seat comes with an adjustable suspension for increased comfort during operation.