Are Aluminum Window Frames Bad?

Windows with aluminum frames are more cost-effective and low-maintenance than vinyl versions and are also more durable. Both materials are affected by wind and rain, but due to the uncoated quality of the product, aluminum and plastic window frames are sealed like glass to prevent water entry and clouding of the double glazed doors. They are also durable and require little maintenance besides cleaning.

High-end homes and commercial properties with large windows require a strong aluminum frame to withstand the pressure of holding the glass. A major disadvantage of aluminum windows is that, in contrast to their metal frames, they dissipate heat, which gives them a high U-value.

Value of wooden windows

While conventional aluminum windows do not offer the insulation value of wooden windows, aluminumclad windows provide similar insulation to wooden windows and have a greater protective layer on the frame. Aluminumclad windows are available in a variety of styles so you can get any version of them for a new construction project. If you are building or restoring a traditional colonial or Victorian house, you can have windows with aluminum frames that open up the view and can be painted to highlight the frame visually and architecturally. 

Frames for windows can be made from a range of different materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, and plastic. The two most important materials for new windows are aluminum and plastic. PVC windows are available in smooth wood with a textured surface, while aluminum frames are finished in a smooth powder-coated enamel.

There are many materials to choose from when choosing your replacement for new windows. So that you can decide which window material is the best for your project, let us compare the two materials.

If You Are Looking For Window Frame Material

If you are looking for window frame material that provides plenty of body weight, look no further than aluminum. Aluminum is one of the materials that you should consider for your windows because it is the strongest and most durable of all window frames for residential and commercial buildings. It’s also an affordable choice that lasts much longer than vinyl.

In colder climates, for example, when you need a replacement window for a cabin, wood or vinyl is a better option. Aluminum replacement windows are now more expensive than wooden windows and more expensive than plastic.

Aluminum has a more generous glass surface and is also a feature of contemporary living design. The more aluminum there is, the larger the glass surface it has in contemporary living designs.

Does Aluminum Replacement Windows is a Low Maintenance

The elegant look and low maintenance for aluminum replacement windows make it a great option for many modern homes. Aluminum windows cost more than plastic windows, but if you are looking for a long-term window, aluminum has a lower price and longer service life than plastic windows, even if the upfront cost is higher. Compared to wood, aluminum is a poor insulation material that can enhance plastic window frames.

If You Choose To Install Aluminum Windows

The National Building Code of Australia requires aluminum windows in Perth to have thermal barriers such as hard foam, polyurethane, and wood to improve their thermal performance. However, aluminum frames are prone to water leaks at the joints and corners. If you choose to install aluminum windows, make sure that the window you have ordered is fitted with thermal insulation frames, which are strips of plastic or rubber that separate the inside and outside of the frame to limit thermal conductivity. Plastic frames, fiberglass frames, and window cavities are filled with insulation materials with high energy efficiency.

Aluminum Windows With Double Glazing

Aluminum windows with double glazing are less energy-efficient than PVC windows. On the other hand, PVC windows mimic traditional frame – features, and they come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can get traditional styles or modern colors. Vinyl is more energy efficient but recent advancements in aluminum windows, such as coatings and thermal fracturing, have helped to improve their efficiency to catch up with vinyl.

Many homeowners opt for PVC windows with wood grain, which have the look of traditional wooden windows but have the enduring advantages of PVC. There are many advantages to replacing old windows with new energy-efficient units made of vinyl or reinforced aluminum, including cost savings and a higher home value.

Although ALCO’s Impact Windows team recommends Windows for homeowners in Perth Australia, there are significant differences in frame options and products. Like Perth, Sydney has different weather patterns, making different materials and windows better suited to their unique locations.

In Order to Make the Right Choice Between Aluminum and PVC Windows

It is recommended to get professional advice and learn more about this topic. The disadvantages of aluminum windows, which we will discuss below, can be mitigated by additional options, but otherwise, these are minor and should not be the deciding factor when purchasing aluminum or plastic windows. The distinction between the two types of windows, which we will discuss in more detail, is helpful, but the comparison is all you need to know to make the best choice of window material for your home.

In general, the maintenance of aluminum windows is comparable to the maintenance of plastic windows, but additional care is required for aluminum condensation and proper lubrication of the moving parts in order to avoid wear and prolong the life of the material. If you are considering buying PVC windows because they have good energy efficiency, good water and condensation resistance, a low price, low maintenance, and painting requirements, pay attention to the quality of the PVC.

Homeowners worry about the durability of aluminum compared to fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Aluminum window frames are often chosen as the material of choice for urban and commercial buildings due to their strength and popular residential applications, but they are more expensive than vinyl, and, worse, the more expensive aluminum windows tend to have undesirable insulation properties.