AR Clothing Try-On: Redefining Retail

Augmented Reality or AR is an immersive 3D technology that integrates a user’s physical environment with digital information. This technology superimposes a computer-generated image onto a real-life view, helping you alter your perception in real-time.

Such technology has impacted all industries, including retail, education, mapping, and navigation, regardless of the prevailing situation.

How Are Fashion Brands Benefited From Augmented Reality

  • Attracts new shoppers

The inclusion of an innovative AR clothing try-on feature will turn your brand into the talk of the town, creating a buzz across social media and in industry news articles. It is ideal for spreading the word about your brand and its product, helping to attract new shoppers without indulging in costly acquisition tactics.

  • Magnifies customer engagement

After months into lockdown, AR is the best tactic to satisfy the hunger for experiencing impressive shopping. The experimental nature of AR will keep users hooked to your site. And the longer they stay on your site, the deeper the connection they would end up developing, increasing the likeliness of purchasing.

  • Boosts buyer confidence

AR clothing try-on is a virtual equivalent of “try before you buy”. It means the customer would access size and fit whilst getting a sense of true quality without leaving their comfort zone. They can gather much more information through the static 2D image, which they might not witness through naked eyes, adding to their purchase decision.

  • Increases conversions

AR not only hooks customers to your site or makes them feel confident about your product, but it also translates all of these activities into increased sales.

According to the renowned ecommerce platform Shopify, 3D model interaction via AR increases up to 250% of conversion rates on product pages! It asserts how AR is redefining retail.

  • Builds brand loyalty

The innovation and uniqueness of AR can help build brand loyalty, increasing customer retention. In fact, research even shows that 70% of consumers are more loyal towards the brand that incorporates AR into their shopping experience.

During this high period of competition, leveraging AR could be a tactic worth investing in.

  • Reduces return rate

No matter how big your brand is, the return has to be a pricey and problematic part of your online income-generating resource. Since they are an indispensable part of online retail, including AR clothing, try-on can decrease their losses.

Facilitating your customers with an option to try on before placing the order can help them find a more accurate product that fits their needs well. And when they are served with what they need, chances of return are eliminated.

  • Provides valuable consumer data

In today’s crowded marketing landscape, personalization is no less than your marketing armoury. Customers want to be felt understood and valued by the brands. And facilitating them with a tailored shopping experience through AR session data can help you make them feel so. It ultimately adds value to your brand, increasing customer loyalty and engagement. 


AR is a proven tool that is redefining retail. Including such tools might initially seem a significant expense, but it turns out to be a worthy investment over time.